WHAT Kingdom Hall did Ya'll go to?

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  • LB

    I went to a kingdom hall in Kihei, Maui, once, no twice, nah once.

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  • FreePeace

    Granger (Salt Lake City,) Utah
    Barnum (Denver), Colorado
    Lakewood, Colorado
    Spearfish, South Dakota
    Evansville (NW), Indiana (1984-86 & yes the elders were pricks)
    Rapid City, South Dakota
    Port Charlotte East and West, Florida
    And now NONE forever!

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  • lv4fer

    ShaunaC and Truthseeker I am also from Clovis/Fresno area. Maybe we can get together.

  • peaceloveharmony

    from birth to 92 i attend the navarre hall in spring park, minnesota

  • Princess

    Saltiest, I might know you, I know a lot of dubs in LFP.

    Wren, my grandparents were in Brookings about the same time you were. Henry and Dorothea Zinser.

    LB, I've been to the Kihea hall before too, I think. Mulan could verify it.


  • Undecided

    Reidsville NC from the 40s to 60s. Eden NC till 72.

  • Rags

    1970-73 Toronto Ontario ..La Caledonia..Oakwood

    1974 and on...Panorama..Lido...

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    63 - 64 Verdun Quebec Canada
    64 - 68 ? Toronto Ontario Canada
    68 - 70 St. Laurent Quebec Canada
    70 - 74 Acadie Quebec Canada
    74 - 85 St. Laurent Quebec Canada

    85 til now freedom

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  • kheli

    Delmar - Aurora, CO
    Parkfield - Denver, CO

    over a 16 year period

  • betweenworlds

    Born in raised in central NY and visited MANY halls, but attended the below halls for varying periods of time from the time I was 3 :-)
    Hamilton, Hamilton NY (my childhood KH)
    Rome North, Rome NY (longest association)
    Rome South, Rome NY
    Paris Hill, New Hartford NY
    Riverside, Utica NY
    Central, Utica NY
    Liberty, Liberty NC (only attended a few times)

    my mother-in-law and her folks attended the carthage congregation (up near Watertown)

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