Not sure what to do next

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  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Moving out doesn't seem possible either, although I can afford it, I would never get my parents blessing.

    Why do you need their blessing? You have some tough choices ahead. Live YOUR life for YOU not anyone else. Life is full of tough choices. People get hurt no matter what. Do what you feel is best for you not your mom or dad or anyone else.

  • magotan

    There's a lot of repressed emotions that I have only lately been dealing with. JW's encourage repression instead of actually dealing with things.

    They view homosexuality as disgusting. I hear all the time family members use derogatory slang against gay people. I remember one time where I lost it on my mother, when she called me a faggot. I'd like to think I have let it go, but every now and again it comes up and stings.

  • magotan

    I was reading the WT on the platform last week....took all I could not to stop mid sentence saying "F*** This S***" and walk off the platform.

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    I see that you are too considerate with others but not with yourself. You are only 19, do not live for the sake of others. Your parents had their chance and made their choices. There's nothing wrong with your making your choices selfishly as long as you don't purposely attempt to hurt others. If your father steps down there's one less elder working for the Watchtower. That's a good thing. Another good thing is that your father will be able to take a break and spend time with the family. It's a win win situation even if it doesn't appear so.

  • Fernando

    Dear mogotan!

    Sometimes when under pressure we feel there is no way out.

    Yet persons who are not involved and hence have an objective perspective, can sometimes see and suggest things you have missed.

    That is why JWN is such a great place.

    I pray you get some good advice and support here.

    I once read on JWN about a clever fading strategy of moving to (serve where the need is greater like) a foreign language congregation in another state or country...

    I was also wondering what would happen if every morning you gave your mom a genuine loving hug, kiss and wink and told her you love her just the way she is, warts and all...

    (The "warts" could be her offensive religious views - but you would never tell her that).

  • crazyblondeb

    welcome to the board!

    You will find your situation isn't new. You will find support and love here! Keep posting, talking.....


  • jamiebowers

    Your father wouldn't have to step down from being an elder if he isn't financially supporting you after you move out on your own while finishing college. Keep that counseling appointment, and I'm certain your therapist will help you through the fear and guilt you are experiencing.

    My dear boy, your life belongs to you, and no one else. Your parents have made their choices, and now it's your turn.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Welcome to the forum magotan....

  • smiddy

    Hey I remember the days when being gay meant you were happy.!?

    Welcome to the board Magotan


  • scary21

    Welcome. I love gay people !

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