Not sure what to do next

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  • Chaserious

    Welcome! I know it seems daunting but many have made it out, only to find life is not pointless in "Satan's system", as they like to label the non-JW world (e.g., regular people). One family that I know where the parents were JWs for 30+ years and had lots of witness relatives ended up having a child who was gay. They were not the kind of family that you would expect to leave "the truth." But the entire family - parents and all of the children, most of whom were adults at the time - all left together. I don't know that the gay child was 100% of the reason but I believe they genuinely believed their child did not choose to be that way as some kind of "unscriptural" decision or something, and they couldn't accept that they were supposed to condemn their own kid. I'm not saying this will happen with your family - in fact I'm sure it's the exception - but you never know.

  • magotan

    I go to "University" as our many non USA members here call it (College and University are used interchangably here in the USA) studying for my BA (Bachelor's of Arts) in Graphic Design. I took a lot of College credit in HS, and I'm actually considered a Junior. Due to the fact that I got guilt-tripped out of considering not finishing, I took a year off. Otherwise, this would be my last year of school.

    If I can pay my car off, I would be able to afford rent.

  • Fernando

    Best wishes magotan with completing Graphic Design along with career opportunities and decisions!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome Magotan!

    You've already gotten good advice here, and it sounds like you have a good start on a game plan. You're doing great for a 19 year old who's already faced brutal remarks and beatings to your self-esteem.

    We're up to page 4 on this thread and there doesn't seem to be any hateful homophobic comments, so I hope you're not disappointed. LOL.

    As far as your title, "Not sure what to do next," part of it will be to read, learn, think, and plan. Then watch as opportunities open up and you'll know when it's time to act.

  • nowwhat?

    sorry dude, say what you will about the watchtower society, but if you believe in the word of god there is no free pass or special circumstances.

    God expects his followers to live their lives according to righteous standards. ICOR 6:9- as you get older, many times those inclinations pass. fight it don'nt embrase it.

  • magotan

    Ha! I knew it would come eventually.

  • jgnat

    Needle in a haystack, magotan. A silly hex.

  • Chaserious

    LOL at nowwhat... people who hate gays love to use 1COR6:9 as a crutch to justify their hatred. People like him used to use the bible to justify slavery until the mid 19th century. It was official teaching of many American churches. After all, 1 Tim 6:1 says "all who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God's name and our teaching may not be slandered."

    They freely admit that some scriptures are given more weight than others... you know, the golden rule is more important than the one about slavery and women covering their heads in church, but the one about homosexuality is of course in the former group. Young people like us, magotan, will probably live to see the day when this nonsense is just a curiosity of history.

  • magotan

    "Fighting it" is what caused me to contemplate suicide.

    "Fighting it" is what causes many to kill themselves, especially witnesses.

    "Fighting it" ruins lives, dupes many gays into marriges that don't work on the guise of attempting to become 'straight', and leading to serious unhappiness

    "Fighting it" is what caused me (and many others!) get baptized with the false promise that it will 'straighten you out'.

  • jambon1

    You sound pretty clued up mate. And your objections and observations ares simply what went round all of our minds at one time. We couldn't reconcile the mental gymnastics in our mind so somehow we ended up leaving entirely. Some by fading, others like myself, just one day didn't go back.

    Despite people wanting to meet with me I strongly told people that I didn't want to discuss my thoughts as it was 1 - my right. & 2 - it saved me feeling like I was 'offending' their beliefs.

    This worked. Although admitedly, my cong left off pursuing me to any great leangh due to my wife telling them my position on matters (she was/is still active).

    You must do whatever you feel is right. I'd strongly advise against da'ing yourself. It gives people the perfect opportunity to simply dismiss you as a sinner. Though if it'd came down to it I'd have rather done that than be d/f'd.

    Just don't rush anything. Keep your cool. Speak with respect whenever you can.

    Don't give people the oportunity to speak ill of you due to losing your cool or saying stuff that you may later regret.

    And always remember, you've done absolutely nothing wrong. You simply disagree with the religion you were brought up in.



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