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    label licker

    Welcomed sosoconfused

    I also was a lurker and then saw the light. Now, we thought we would start from scratch and go online to listen to some hebrew scholars which was a real eye opener. (thanks to other ex jw's who have a spirtual hunger) Ones like Nehemiah Gordon who has absolutely no use for the JW's. He's on Truth2you and Torah Pearls. Then from there we listen to 119 ministries and Jim Staley ect,, All these guys are against churches and organisations who are only there for the money. There is no true religion out there. How could there be? The WHOLE world is lying in the power of the wicked one. But, never never have we been made to feel like we are not wanted, not doing enough especially we had sold a huge plant to simplify, pioneered, worked at the bethel, got cut off of our inheritance, lost family and friends, got slandered and told to suck it up, ect,,, At the end of it all we realised we were being taught through their doctrines and not the bible.

    Society loves plucking a scripture here and there and making their stories read it's about them but when you read those scriptures in their context that's not the meaning at all. But nooooooooooo didn't you know, the scriptures were all written about and for the society only. Again, there's no debth or meaning to them unless society's name is attatched to them.( according to them) If you want real meaning of the scriptures then you listen to these guys break them down in their hebrew and greek meanings. You have nothing to lose and you come out each time feeling sooo good, convinced and relieved you've done the right thing. That's what we've done for ourselves and it seems to be working for us but this may not be for everyone.

    When you have a new outlook on something you were trained to believe and then realise it was a big fat lie and realise there's something way better, then, you begin to have a way better outlook on life and your surroundings. AND there's others out there that are travelling down the same road as you. And guess what? There are tons of wonderful people in this world, it's up to you to decide who you'll pick for friends. It never dawned on me how society even takes our freewill to choose what we will decide for ourselves includeing what we will choose for our spirituality, friends, education, ect,,, They take the initiative in every aspect of our lives includeing our consciense! They have stripped us bare and naked.

    Starting today, everyone take back what rightfully belongs to you starting with your mind and how you think. God gave us a brain to use not to abuse. For years we pioneered and put the boat away, started up a little hobby/business, making maplesyrup, making new friends and even the old friends have come back into the picture. We have interesting things to talk about instead of look at how pretty our shoes hair and nails are. God that use to drive me up the wall. No time for recreation and NO MORE FEAR OR GUILT when we did want to do something. No more wonder about hours. What was up with that? We still talk to people about the bible but when the oppertunity allows us. Not societies way.AND yes the boat is coming out this spring. We will never hand our freedom over to anyone ever again. That's a promise.

    Wish you all the best

  • mouthy

    Welcome....Seems so many of you were elders. I am an ELDER! 85 yrs old.But was considered a very
    faithful jw... I feel for you. It must be so difficult to have your daughter ask why you dont go?
    I think I would point out who IS the WAY TRUTH LIFE!!!!! JESUS NOT Jehovah.
    The only way you would have seen me was when a bus load of us picketed Brooklyn Bethel or
    Georgetown Bethel... I wanted all of you INSIDE to see what it was like OUTSIDE
    Your able to use the BRAIN GOd gave you

    Mouthy( Grace Gough) <<<<,,if you google it you will see me

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme


    I am also a born-in former elder, who resigned 4 years ago, ultimately over the child abuse policies. But I was unhappy with the organization long before that.

    I went from disgusted.

    This site is a great resource, full of great people, all in very different places spiritually.

    Best wishes on your journey!!

  • sosoconfused

    As a matter of fact Grace I remember being there every year when the APOSTATES would come through and picket LOL

  • mouthy

    Great!!!! Glad you saw us..... Did you notice the cops backing us up

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    Georgetown Bethel

    To think, I had so many fun trips to Toronto spoiled by having to visit that S---hole......LOL

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  • OnTheWayOut
    but if everyone on the ARK new and worshipped Jehovah why was it when they got off the ARK they just totally said screw that and once again almost the entire earth was ignoring JEHOVAH.

    Great personal question. Religion will give plenty of different answers. But I think your follow-up point would suggest that the JW Paradise would be similar. We would step out of the ark of the Watchtower organization and realize that we don't want to follow "Jehovah's Organization."

    Your thought on people getting a free pass to resurrection is also a good one: So the more JW's preach, the more accountable people become and more free passes are taken away. It would be easier to learn proper worship during the 1000 years, so why preach?

    I find it interesting that you thought the GB members were "down to earth" but you felt you could not ask a question that revealed a slight flaw in your faith.

    Anyway, welcome. Your perspective will definitely help others here.

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    Ex Assistant Presiding Minister, Ministry School Servant, Pioneer where the need was great. My era was back in the late 1950's to mid 1960's. I left with my wife when we were in our 20's.

    Back then we were servants not overseer's which is a big difference.

    I had my doubts, did a lot of reading, got my critical thinking skills sharpened up. First it was the general dumbness of the meetings, the publications, then it was the stupidity of the blood belief........ how many died because of that? Transplants etc.

    Armageddon? Really? The bible itself........... and finally god. It all stopped working for me.

    What changed when we left.......not much at all...... we remained the same honest and decent people. We will celebrate our 50th this year. What we got when we left the JW life was our own life. Succesful careers, community volunteers, happy family and grandkids, great friends.

    The WTBTS muddles on, the 1975 debacle. Bethel as pointless an institution as can be found. The end is coming and they couldn't buy enough real estate in Brooklyn.

    What your feeling is what someone feels when they are playing on a losing team over and over. It's demeaning and frustrating.

    The WTBTS serves it's needs first and last. Their human resources? You summed up how that's working out for your parents.

    If I was still in and wanting to fade I would latch on to one issue by way of explaining why I no longer want to participate as fully as before and that issue is the pedophile issue. P S is right it is a disgusting situation. To be frank the JW's are going door to door with pedophiles among their ranks. A few more open court cases and it will finish them.

    Since you have a daughter it would follow that this would be of serious concern. If told to wait on Jah to clean this up you can reply that's exactly what you are doing.......... waiting on Jah. In the meantime until that is resolved you really can't participate on the level you were.

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    Welcome here. I was an elder and have been away for over a year, I have children too. The youngest found it hard, having nightmares about me dying at Armageddon. I spent a lot of time letting them know that I was OK, and demonstrating I am not a bad person, and that if Jehovah can read hearts everything will be OK. That did the trick for the youngest. The older is fine and only finds the confusion in the K Hall, saying that things dont make sense, and I simply agree that they do not (I have highlighted a few ponts too, but not overkill). Most Sundays mornings they prefer coming with me to do fun stuff, but they still like to see their friends sometimes at the K Hall.

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