Would this work? Be honest. Brutal if necessary.

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    There is a part of me that sooooooo wants to put a letter in. . . but it would ultimately be quite costly.

    There is another part of me that is done playing by their rules and basically just wants them to fuck off and leave me alone. This is that part of me that prevails right now, with the "cost" factor weighing in as well.

    I kind of like BLINDERSOFF1's idea of an annual, symbolic "Watchtower Free" holiday, where the thousands of us stuck in can anonymously express our disgust and contempt for this cult by individual letters to headquarters.

  • BlindersOff1

    it could be like a shot across the bow. it would be fun to have the return address be a real random congo address.

    Think of all the idiot elders running around like chickens .

  • okage

    i say do it. millions at best. thousands at least. anonymous letters hitting random congregations seems like a bold effort.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If it were possible to get faders and doubters and all who have not DA'ed to do it at the same time, I am sure Rick Fearon (of Six Screens) would have tried to coordinate it.

    You know, it would be the same throughout the world: "I would go along if you could somehow guarantee that all the others would, but you can't."

    To tell you the truth, I would DA if you could somehow guarantee that all the others would, but you can't.

  • breakfast of champions
  • OnTheWayOut

    How about Hookey Weekend? A selected weekend not affilatied with any holiday where all of us simply DO NOT GO!

    No meetings, no service, take no phone calls about our absence, make no excuse before or after (just "It's a personal matter.").

  • Cagefighter

    OKage, you are singing same song I have been on here for a while. If all the doubters, faders, and non-believers that are still in just "took their ball and went home". They would probably have a lot less to fear or worry about than they do from this organization because it would be decimated, especially in the developed countries like U.S., U.K, and CA.

    I have compared it to who is worse the Nazi that did believe and gassed the masses or the one that didn't but went a long because "my wife won't talk to me if I leave" booo eff'n hooo! . I know a lot of guys that would pay their wife and family not to bother them, but I digress.

  • BlindersOff1

    How my idea would work is it would take advantage of the existing protocal they have for letters. It would flood their system

    and at the least result in ACTIVITY/BOE from them which as we know usually shoots them in the foot.

    This could be the gift that keeps on giving in other words not a one time thing.

    Letters from all over the world addressed to maybe certain org depts. direct

    Its about probing their weak/deluded defenses

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    okage - thank you, thank you for casting your bread on our waters.

    My one frustration, in the year or so I've been here,is that we are all, (at least I am) full of talk and no actions.

    I am certainly willing to act on a well orchestrated, multi-pronged assault that brings well deserved disgrace on that filthy organisation, that thinks I don't desrve to see my grandkids.

    A little girl named Rosa Parks changed American history, by carefully planning a small, justifiable act that ignited the unity and recaptured the rights and dignity of a whole society.

    If thousands of us with the talent, knowledge and passion displayed in this (and other forums) around the world can't rock the Watchtowers delusional little world - then we are the ones who deserve the disgrace.

    More later - GfG

  • sabastious

    Why was the Watchtower allowed into existence in the first place? A man named Charles Taze Russell started a "Bible-based" society based off his bizzare beliefs about measurements of the the Pyramid of Giza (which reeks of occult society sicko stuff, btw). This man used the coperate model to further his religious agenda. I look back on him as a religious opportunist and a capitalist. The idea that God will use an organized group of people in the "last days" is an incredibly old idea and has always had mass appeal. In the modern world that idea translated into God picking a corporation to rule the universe with. Humans are kind of melodramatic sometimes and it's played on by psychological predators. Fortunately, God doesn't work in a pyramid scheme and any person of common sense will know that.

    Getting mass dissociations from the Watchtower would be as hard as getting the same out of Avon or McDonalds. It simply isn't feasible to try to convert the bottom rank and file because they are freely choosing to participate. That's how a pyramid scheme works, off the backs of the bottom.

    Corporate greed is a problem that all countries deal with. It's the governments that need to step up to the plate and in a republic the people are supposed to vote in represenatives that serve the public interest. Right now the "public servants" are not doing their jobs and the people are suffering for it. Activism is great, but if it's not somehow leaning towards governmental politics it's not going to change anything long term. The solution is to play the same game we've always played, just to play it better.


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