Would this work? Be honest. Brutal if necessary.

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  • gone for good
    gone for good

    I think that the proper letter writing strategy is an excellent - done exactly as their own campaign was with Malawi Let the vile dictator know what you think and how he looks to the rest of the world - and sink them in paperwork just for fun - also don't forget to ask a theocratic question ot two - just to see if you get a reply. hehe

    And yes, I wrote to the stupid and arrogant Hastings Banda just like the rest of you did). I'll write a helluvalot more than once this time.

    Letters especially when shared with your local newspaper have great impact - I always read the letters from our local papers because they are, after all our own nieghbours expressing themselves . Take advantage of free expression-which the wt hates . and highlite the issue of freedom of religion - another issue the wt hates.

    I feel the letters should be formatted here by those with the skills and then personalized by all of us for our own purposes.

    What about thousands and thousands of people filing, all within a given time, seeking the courts assistance to have our baptisms annulled?

    Would this force a class action suits and get that is as aprecedent for freenom of religion? Band on the run- any thoughts ? Class action would also liberate all those persecuted for life as apostates. (The society keeps your DF card and marks on it when you die!)

  • gone for good
    gone for good


    It seems to me the ultimate goal would be, to have the society put in a very public and embarrassing situation with regard to their own shunning policies.

    Would it be possible to orchestrate an amnesty -under which people could leave the WT without repurcussions during a given week, or month ?

    Think of the negative publicity if the society refused! and then the negative publicityagain if, even after the letter writing, a class action suit and an amnesty situation, they still plowed ahead and began the Nazi process of disfellowshipping all those, who had just sought religious freedom from them - by private letter writing, by seeking court assistanced annullments and finally physically walking out the door.

    Like the civil rights struggle in the 50-60s - somewhere along the line - others have to take notice that freedoms are at stake and people are being persecutedif not hated by a religious group - how embarrassing to be that group

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Also (can you tell I'm excited?)

    '1914 -2014' could be celebrated in a most fitting way - by bringing an end to 100 years of psycological and emotional abuse by the JW cult.

    Loz pointed out the futility of trying to bring down the society- granted.

    But, do we not have a moral responsibility to our families and those regrouping with us at this board for comfort, to try a strategic, well planned and deliberate effort to effect change? if it is within our power?

    There's 11 months 'til 2014. Whether the WT plans to 'spin' that date or hope it fades into dusty hisory - WE can make it a year JWs will never forget - the year the society was made to face up to (maybe change , maybe abandon) their most vile practice!

    Plus the great satisfaction of launching a pre-emptive strike that can never be mistaken for the late, unfocused, dismal glow of 'Noo Lite' !

  • Chaserious

    The OP's idea is a bit of a prisoners' dilemma problem, no? Even if it worked out, it would get their attention, but it wouldn't reduce their numbers. The 7.5 million only counts active publishers and I think the majority of doubters and non-believers are not active publishers. Among those who are active, they are probably doing it for a specific reason and would be unlikely to join in any event. Besides, our numbers are pretty small in comparison. I think there are about 26,000 total members that have joined JWN. Take out duplicate profiles and it's probably closer to 20,000. Take out those already DA/DF, and my guess is you are down to 10,000. So even if someone could convince half of the non DA/DF members here to quit at once, it would be less than the number baptized in a week.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I'm not here to belittle JWs...just to find out how they tick and how many levels of thought go into their theology and eschatology. In the 70s, I was impressed by their knowledge of the Bible and their tenacity in getting in the door. Now that's changed. They've got the Watchtower article, but their Bibles are no longer worn with age and use, and marked. And when I answer the door, they're more anxious to leave than I am to let them! The only exception is when some found out my wife is Persian. Some just learned the language and drop by to see if it works. My wife wants them to go find other Persians. (She despises all religion.)

    Modern Witnesses are highly superficial, having only one or two levels they can go. In the 70s, I had a couple by for Bible study and they continued coming for six or seven months. We became good friends and were never adversarial, and they even read some of my religious material and made notes in the outer margins, so I know they didn't just dump it in the nearest recepticle. To this day I wonder if they're still alive, active, what they're doing. But they were a different breed. When they first came in, they were hot, sweaty and tired, and we had a nice chat and cold sodas. When they last came it was snowing outside and they complained of the cold.

    There are some here who are anti-JW -- primarily because, in many cases, they dedicated their lives to something they later became convinced was a cult. Some have been personally abused, others shunned, and still others have become Evangelicals or atheists. I've left many what I thought were easy questions for anyone who's religious to answer, and have been frustrated to find that the question was at Level 3, and many here are Level 2, tops. The topic of Armageddon just stops them in their tracks, as they know what the Watchtower and Awake! magazines say, but are utterly clueless on the biblical angle. It's hardly rocket science. Whether this is because most think that the end must be so close that they don't study anymore, or they've just become hooked on the magazines that they've lost the ability to learn the scriptures I honestly don't know.

    That's my take. Of course, most true JWs most likely lurk and don't post.

  • okage


    so 5000 jws on jwn leave. thats 5000 in one day or week and as you said it would be about what they baptise in a week. that means a zero gain.

    the membership of jwn alone can stall their growth for a week. i imagine the could inspire the half that doesnt agree during the initial event.

    but i wasnt limiting the idea to jwn. i was suggesting worldwide networking. even with just 5000 jwn members we could reach another 10000 or more that never frequented this site.

    stalling their growth for an average of three weeks would be a small victory. but the rumble of 15000 jehovahs witnesses disassociating would make alot of noise among the rank and file.

    but thats only if 5000 faders and doubters decided bringing down the society is worth the risks.

  • gone for good
    gone for good


    Canada, USA, Oz and Europe are the WTs bread basket - also the most likely populations to care about social change- because they are used to people fighting for (and being granted) rights and freedoms.

    JWs are a rare target - they are one of the English worlds smallest, yet most recognisable and most disliked religions.

    If the public who already dislikes being annoyed by them, were to even remotely grasp the 'secret' social damage, depression,and suicide that results from cults that shun, I'm certain there would grow a natural curiousity about any movement or campaign to demand changes.

    You have acknowledged that we easily field thousands, and if class action were ever a posibility- millions could be involved (everyone who is shunned and damaged by their policies- and who isn't?

  • Chaserious

    the membership of jwn alone can stall their growth for a week. i imagine the could inspire the half that doesnt agree during the initial event.

    Well, part of the point of my earlier post was that it wouldn't stall the growth because any faders/inactive are not counted in the publisher figures anyway. And I don't think the problem is that the other half (or whatever percent) "doesn't agree." The issue is that they have probably decided not to formally leave for practical reasons, such as employment/family.

    Gone for good: I'm all for raising awareness of the damage that the WTS causes to members, former members and their families. I didn't acknowledge that we could easily round up thousands, though. I was just making what I think is a very generous assumption for arguments' sake. If I wasn't already DF'd, I would do it though. If by class action, you mean a lawsuit, that isn't happening anytime soon. You can shun anyone you want. Nice or not, it's perfectly legal.
  • Aaron Eldridge
    Aaron Eldridge

    "I propose a mass exodus from the Watchtower Society, and no, I'm not talking about a concerted effort to wake up the Blue Pills. I'm talking about the faders and the doubters, and possibly the inactives. These ones, these people count toward the 7.5 million member boast but faders and doubters are no more Jehovah's Witnesses than the disfellowshipped and disassociated."- OKAGE

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that only people that report field service time in the last six months are counted in the official stastics. If a person does not report any time for a six month period they go to inactive status thus are not counted in the 7.5 million. So, getting faders/doubters/inactives to leave would not put any dent in thier offical numbers.

  • prologos

    Surely, some here have been organized to the point of bringing up and would not want to start down that road again. I was caught up once with a brick in my hand in a crowd, mob, that targeted commie buildings and russian tanks. never again. the thing collapsed later on its own. why be martyrs?-- will not the "axed" Rev.20:4 martyrs be the 144 000?--- look up Gamaliel's wise counsel.

    --- peace (and security.)

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