Would this work? Be honest. Brutal if necessary.

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  • mouthy

    I have not read all the replies .But I have been written up& pictured in MANY news papers standing outside the KH
    Then I have been on three television shows,( about JWS) On the SALLY JESSIE show I received Hundreds of
    replies ( sent through the TV channels) from JWS ....that knew it wasnt the truth, But didnt want to "rock their boat
    they didnt want to lose their wives,kids,parents, etc: So shut up...BUT Unfortunatly today one is not allowed
    to knock any religion...... We have had bus loads of us exJWS picket Bethel in New York, & Georgetown.
    Just last year I sat outside the Assembly with signs as they all piled in to the Auditouriam,I think you can see it
    if you Google my name GRACE GOUGH! but the elders stood very close to me & steered all away from me ( & the
    fellow who was with me( his wife is a JW).So what ever you are going to do . Make sure you have a "group"
    or others with you. Dont trust them at all. Another religion is taught to kill Christians.( you know who) BUT
    a mentally still in JW might think he is doing JAH a favor by bumping you off


  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Hello Tec- I always value you viewpoints.

    You make a very apropriate point about youthful baptisms. The courts recognize the immaturityof those under adult age, and do not hold them legaly responsible in many situations, especially if duress and pressures have been applied by older ones (a WT specialty).

    A letter of refusal from the branch offfice, in response to a well worded request for annulment, should prove sufficient humanitarian need to seek the courts assistance for relief.

    The legal ramifications, of punishing someone for exercising their freedom of religion, still intrigues me in spite of my shellacing by Chaserious - who seems to grasp the principles better than I.

    Tec, please keep processing these ideas with your unique Christian viewpoint, and share the thoughts that come from it.


  • sir82
    Would it even be possible to coordinate?


    Far fewer than even 1% of ex-JWs and/or faders are even aware of this site, much less read it or belong to it.

    Even a campaign of "everyone on this site write or call 10 or 20 or 100 people and try to convince them to do so" would have very limited success.

    A lot of people just move on with their lives and can't be bothered to worry about JWs any more.

  • Hermano

    The WTS leadership is extremely cautious about its public image and hides its extremist views and regime-like grip on its members from the general public.

    If everyone who has been adversely affected by this high control group made it a point to expose the truth to others – in whatever way they are comfortable and able to – the public would be better informed about the dangers of the WTS.

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