Have You Prepared For The "Flu" And Do You Get A Flu Shot?

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  • coffee_black

    Exactly. That's why I made a suggestion to report back to this thread when the flu season is over. I think it will be interesting!


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the B.C.Centre for Disease Control did a study and found that people who received the flu shot in 2008-09 were more likely to get H1N1

    AND the study forthrightly notes that other equally rigorous studies have yielded different results.

    1) Three studies from the U.S. and Australia showed no correlation, i.e., getting the H1N1 vaccination neither positively nor negatively impacted ones chances of contracting the virus the next year.

    2 ) Four studies from the U.S. and Mexico showed that getting the H1N1 vaccination made the person less likely to get the flu the next year.

    3) One other "outbreak investigation" in the U.S. showed a similar correlation.

    Thus, an overwhelming number of studies (7 of the 9) documents that receiving the H1N1 vaccine will either not affect ones chances of contracting H1N1 the following year or will reduce ones chances of contracting the H1N1 virus the next year.

    These mixed results means that some other unknown factor is influencing the way the vaccine functions in some herds, which is why studies will continue. However, the study does not support the contention that the H1N1 vaccine is ineffective the year in which it is administered.

  • EntirelyPossible

    EP, several co workers have had it , whom I have been in close contact with...sharing phones etc, and one family member who lives in the same house who was diagnosed with the current strain of the flu. The family member had it a month ago. No one else in the household got it...and no one else was immunized. The household member is a teacher...of very young children.

    OK, how do you know it was 1) the flu and 2) you were exposed during the contagious period?

  • coffee_black

    EP 1) The family member was diagnosed by her Dr. (as stated above) 2) We live in the same house, and I am in contact with her every day.


  • EntirelyPossible

    OK. How does that in any way mean something about the flu vaccine?

  • coffee_black

    EP.... I'm not saying anything negative about the flu shot. For those who want it.... please get it.

    I don't need it. My immune system took care of the virus when I was exposed (on a daily basis). Since vaccine is only available for 46% of the population, I will leave the limited supply for those who need it.


  • caliber

    How am I more of a carrier than someone who has had the shot? It’s about the immune system fighting the virus…right…the shot doesn’t produce some invisible shield around you, does it?

    Also make sense of this... right now if you visit any of the nursing homes you must wear a mask if you have not had the shot

    The shot in Canada is estimated to be 45% effective ...so what about the risk of 55 % of visitors that had the shot but they are still

    infected or still may be carrying or about to get the flu ?

    When I was in school anything under 50% was called a failing grade ... you do not pass

    The problem with the virus is you are contagious up to 3 days before symptoms appear so you could have it and not know it and pass it around

  • coffee_black


    I would think that everyone visiting a nursing home would wear a mask during flu season...just to be on the safe side. The flu isn't the only thing they can carry... even a cold can put vulnerable patients at risk. When my daughter was first diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure, everyone visiting her in the hospital had to wear a mask, scrubs and gloves.

    I think that common sense is not so common any more.


  • LisaRose

    To me what is important is whether or not getting the shot will be more likely to hurt me or help me. All these anecdotal accounts may be meaningful to the person it happened to, but it is not really meaningful to me, there are a lot of wacko cures out there, but I am not going to take them all on the off chance they will help me. The flu shot has been tested and shown to help, obviously it's not 100%. If only one person out of a hundred is actually prevented from getting the flu because of the shot, well I may be that one person, and that might be a huge difference for me, I am older and have health issues. The shot also can help you get better faster, even if it does not prevent the flu.

    If someone prefers to not get the shot, fine, but consider that while you may quickly get over it, you may give it to someone else who isn't so lucky. I don't think anyone should be forced into it though, the numbers aren't convincing enough for that.

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