NFC & AFC Championship Games - Who Wins & goes to Super Bowl ?

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  • MrFreeze

    Its cool flipper. I stopped really hating on teams. Used to be I couldn't stand any of the Steelers rivals, especially the Ravens. I think it was playing fantasy football that turned it around. Picking players from teams I didn't like. For instance, Ray Rice. Great runningback. Ray Lewis, one of the best linebackers. Just have to respect talent.

  • Sulla

    The Falcons will beat the 49ers and you can take that to the bank, use it for collateral for a massive loan, skip out on the loan, and retire in Tahiti.

    It doesn't get more certain than that, my friends.

  • Glander

    Sulla, will you be my co-signer?

  • unstopableravens

    haha the falcons do not have a chance lol its going to be a blow out,the packers are better than the falcons and the 49ers had no problems with them,3 days to go!

  • undercover


    going back a couple of pages, you asked my favorite team. I've been a long time (and now a somewhat longsuffering) fan of the Cowboys. From the days of Dandy Don to Roger the Dodger, back when the Cowboys were up and comers, then champions and then in the early 90s a dynasty. Much like James, I want Jerrah to step down as GM and hire a football person, but expecting that is kinda like a JW expecting Armageddon... ain't gonna happen. So, while I flirt with abandoning them, when I see the blue and silver, I can't help it, I gotta pull for em. It's too ingrained in my psyche.

  • flipper

    GLANDER- I hope you are right about the 49ers winning ! I've got a good feeling about their chances. Atlanta doesn't know what they're in for.

    UNSTOPPABLERAVENS- I think Baltimore will squeak by barely beating New England , just barely- I don't see a blowout coming unless Brady gets hurt.

    COBALTCUPCAKE- You may be right, AFC game will be close I believe.

    TEC- I hope your " weird " feeling is right and the 49ers do win the Super Bowl. We've waited out here in California since 1995- last time S.F. won it all.

    SD-7- Yep. Super Bowl , SI Swimsuit issue, 49ers ! It's all good bro.

    INSEARCHOFTRUTH4- Hey bro ! Enjoyed talkin' with you on the phone ! Nice to meet you. I'm a West Coast brother too ! I've got a good feeling about the 49ers chances as well ! Thanks for the Zeppelin youtube ! I think S.F. IS gonna skake thing up. Especially Atlanta ! LOL !

    MR FREEZE- Cool. I feel for you with being a Pittsburgh fan with them not making it this year. They've been so good now for so many years and their QB has been so solid it's surprising ANYTIME they don't make the playoffs ! Yeah, I respect talent no matter what team it is also. Ray Lewis is awesome, also Tom brady scares the piss out of me how fast he can come from behind and turn a game around. Kind of why I hope the 49ers might face Baltimore instead of New England if they make the Super Bowl. Even though the Niners beat New England in the regular season- I know Brady has a bullseye on the Niners in wanting payback for the loss.

    SULLA- Falcons beat the 49ers. Take it to the bank ? Uh-huh. We'll see about THAT one.

    UNDERCOVER- Yeah, I feel for you and James being Dallas Cowboy fans. The organization has gone through a fairly long cold spell since the days of Troy Aikman and company who won Super Bowls. I don't think Romo is ever going to win the big one. He's just too inconsistent in playoff games and seems to really get rattled. I agree with you guys- until Jerry Jones either sells the team ( fat chance ) or relinqishes his power and control to football people to make intelligent personnel decisions - the Cowboys may be destined to become the Midwest version of the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis # 2 owning them. I hate seeing that, even though I'm a big S.F. fan- I think it ould be great for the NFL to see the Cowboys rise again. We'll just have to wait and see what goes down

  • unstopableravens

    49ers are good flipper, but they need young and rice! think about this the last the 49ers won was in 95 correct? yes! when did the ravens come into the nfl? just saying! lol

  • james_woods

    JAMES_WOODS- Me too, I want to see the 49ers win. My son and I are HUGE S.F. fans . I understand your duress about Jerry Jones owner of Dallas. He seems like a control freak type powner to the penultimate . Why can't he just let his coaches do their job and not try to control every detail ?

    Why? The answer to that is quite simple - the man is a massive ego-maniac.

    Why would you openly disrespect Tom Landry (arguably the most respected NFL coach in history) the very day you bought the team - bringing in your own pet head coach? < simply put - to make a big opening statement that you have ultimate power and consider yourself more important than anything or anybody else...

    Why would you then fire that same head coach that had won you TWO superbowls the day after he won the second one? < because you are afraid his fame is overshadowing you...

    Why would you hire nothings like Chan Gailey or Wade Phillips to "coach" that team? < because you want yes men instead of a real coach...then after a while you can look like the big man and fire them for incompetence...

    This team will not improve until Jerry Jones is gone - and that will not happen until Jerry Jones passes away from this earth.

  • Sulla

    Well, ravens, I think you will find the Falcons have developed a pretty good idea of how to deal with mobile QBs, having played Wilson (W), RGIII (W), and Newton (W,L). Green Bay simply had no idea what to do with Kaep., the "spy" being not so much a strategy for dealing with him as a wish. Is the 49er defense really better than Seattle's, upon whom we hung 30 points?

  • flipper

    UNSTOPPABLERAVENS- I hear you. ANY team needs Young, Montana, or Jerry Rice . For sure. But I really like what I see going down with Kaepernick. He might be the most mobile , athletic QB to ever come into this league. I'm not saying the BEST, just the most athletic. And you are right- experience counts for a lot - so we'll see how he performs under pressure on the road against Atlanta. I'll be biting my nails for sure !

    JAMES_WOODS- Yeah, I hear you. Jerry Jones is definitely an egotist who thinks he farts golden nuggets. His brain is where his a$$ should be. I hope Dallas fans don't have to wait until he dies like Oakland fans had to wait for Al Davis to die. Then what happened ? Davis son inherited the Oakland ownership. Sigh. Let's hope Jones sells the team before he dies but if his ego is as big as you say it is - it ain't gonna happen.

    SULLA- Atlanta may have PLAYED against mobile QB's but they haven't necessarily figured out how to defend them. Didn't Cam Newton hand Atlanta's a$$ to them on a silver platter ? And Wilson came dangerously close last week to sending the Falcons home for the summer . Falcons luckily escaped with a Win after blowing a 20 something point lead. The 49ers are more explosive on offense than the Seahawks and if Atlanta falls behind too far I think it's curtains for Atlanta. Of course- I'm biased being a Niners fan ! LOL ! Good luck to your Falcons though- jut not against my Niners . LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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