NFC & AFC Championship Games - Who Wins & goes to Super Bowl ?

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  • dazed but not confused
  • unstopableravens

    dazed: thats classified!

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    yeah, I know. He made his "peace" with god

    I was watchin "The Super Bowl Today" and his interview with Shannon Sharpe. You could see the disgust in his face when interviewing Lewis.

  • Berengaria
  • Berengaria
  • GLTirebiter

    Pizza and wings in the oven...

    Cold beer in the fridge...

    Hours-long pre-game show...

    The preliminaries are done. Here we go!

  • insearchoftruth4

    Congratulaions Ravens Ray Lewis, Unstoppanravens, and You are the best in the world .Congratulations!!! Now i want to cagame.....

  • DaCheech

    definetely worth watching, alllllllllllllllllll the way to the last 4 seconds!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I think the Ravens will win

  • flipper

    Well, the Ravens won 34-31. I congratulate them on their hard play, especially in the first half. However- that being said- If the referres had called at least HALF the penalties on the Ravens that they called on the 49ers- we'd be talking about a different direction of the country for the Lombardi trophy to go to. I have NEVER seen so many referres choke on their whistles when it came to refusing to call pass interference penalties against Baltimore. That final throw to Crabtree in the end zone was an OBVIOUS interference which did not get called. If that gets called, 49ers get 4 more downs within the 5 yard line and we are talking about a different outcome.

    But to be fair, in spite of my being a huge 49er fan - I felt the 49ers offensive coordinator was an obvious dickhead on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th downs in that final S.F. offensive sequence for ONLY passing to Crabtree on 3 straight plays ! I mean- what the hell ? He had Frank Gore who could have run it in on the corners, Kaepernick could have done the same , or target Davis for a catch. It's not like they gave Baltimore lots of different looks ! After a couple throws to Crabtree what do you think the defensive huddle talk was for the Ravens ? " O.K. cover Crabtree, they are going to him. " Good guess Sherlock. Jesus christ.

    My son and I were so sad as well as pissed off at the referres for the no-call, pissed off at Greg Roman the offensive coordinator for going to Crabtree 3 straight times and not mixing it up , and pissed off in general that S.F. had dug themselves into a 28- 6 hole by the early 3rd quarter. It was a great game, but I feel the referres let the game get away and didn't take control like they should have, I mean Jesus, there was a fight for Christ sakes- in the Super Bowl ? In essence, both teams played much more professionally than the amateur refs did their job. Unless some refs were paid off - ah yes, there's always the conspiracy theories . S.F. 3 point favorite, everybody bets S.F. S.F. loses by 3 lots of people lose money , but the bookies ans casinos make out. Nice.

    Good news is 49ers will be back, they are young and should be a force for several if not 5 years or so in the league. I felt so sorry for Kaepernick but he'll get another chance . Congrats Ravens fans , you won by the skin of your teeth with a little help from the refs in the end. Your old guys were getting tired and we were breathing fire down your ass. But Ray Ray goes out a winner , sort of

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