NFC & AFC Championship Games - Who Wins & goes to Super Bowl ?

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  • flipper

    O.K. ! Great time of year for us football fans ! So let's have your picks ! Now that we know it will be Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots in the AFC Championship and Atlanta Falcons vs. San Fransisco 49ers in the NFC Championship - what do you think ? Which 2 teams will prevail and what do you think the final scores will be ? Or close to it anyway ? Feel free to analyze the teams and give your reasons as well for your picks, if you so choose to. Or just a simple answer. Any kind of take will be great ! Let's have fun !

    In my NFC championship game I pick the San Fransisco 49ers due to their strong defense and the Colin Kaepernick quarterback angle as this guy is from another planet . A QB who can run for even more yards than running backs, yet throws lasers on the money to his wide receivers. The Atlanta defense is going to have a very difficult time stopping this guy. He is the West coasts best kept secret as he went to college in remote Nevada so most of the country is unfamiliar with his college accomplishments . He's matured now so look out ! San Fransisco was eliminated by New York Giants last year in the NFC championship game, so they have a chip on their shoulder this time . They won't be denied this time. I pick a San Fransisco win.

    In my AFC championship game I believe it's going to be a closer score than the NFC game. Baltimore was eliminated last year I believe by this same New England team so they have a chip on their shoulder. Plus Ray Lewis is retiring which provides them an even greater motivation to win this. New England's offense is the stuff legends of the game are made of - also which makes it difficult for ANY team to defend as they do all kinds of Houdini type hidden crap at the line of scrimmage with fast counts, slow counts, and in general Tom Brady playing magnificent mind games in order to screw with other defenses. But this isn't just ANY defense. This is the Baltimore Ravens defense . Much different than the Houston Texans. So as much as my instincts want to go with a New England win because of their huge Super Bowl history - I believe this time the baltimore Ravens will BARELY prevail - I emphasize BARELY. They didn't win a double overtime in Denver only to fail the week after. I pick Baltimore by an yelash.

    Final Scores : San Francisco 49ers 42 Atlanta Falcons 24

    Final Scores : Baltimore Ravens 35 New England Patriots 31

    Super Bowl : San Fransisco 49ers 28 Baltimore Ravens 17

    Peace out, Mr. Flipper ( As always I look forward to your takes ! )

  • james_woods

    I want to see the Ravens and the 49ers in the Superbowl - and I want to see the 49ers win it.

  • LostGeneration

    SF vs NE is my preferred choice....would love to see Brady and Bill lose a third one.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    SF and NE

    NE WINS!!!

    There will be irony over him tieing Joe montana against Joe's old team.

  • metaspy

    If the 49ers are going to go, they have to go all the way.

    As of right now, the 49ers are the only ones with a 5-0 record when it comes to superbowls.

    If they are going to lose, let it be this week instead of the SB.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    I'm running with San Fran and New England with the latter taking it. If I'm right, my predictions were on point since the beginning of the season although I thought Denver might have taken the AFC at one point. Kinda surprised that Baltimore got em. That said Flip, I can understand your predictions between Balt and NE.

  • undercover

    James, James, James... why would a Cowboys fan ever want the 49ers to ever go to the Super Bowl again?

    NFC - Atlanta over San Fran 31-28

    AFC - Baltimore over New England 28-24

    SB - Atlanta over Baltimore 17-14 in the worst SB game ever played

    these are based on my personal dislikes of all four teams and have no scientific support

  • QueenWitch

    Har-Bowl!!! Let's bring it home for Ray-Ray!

  • Gopher

    As much as I'd like to see the 49ers roll on, the Atlanta Falcons always find a way to win at home. Their passing game is something special, and their defense is good enough.

    The Patriots have the Ravens' number, the Ray Lewis story not withstanding. The Super Bowl will be the Falcons and the Patriots.

    The Falcons will party too much before the Super Bowl, and I trust the Brady-Belichick combination to bring the Lombardi trophy back to Massachusetts.

  • james_woods
    James, James, James... why would a Cowboys fan ever want the 49ers to ever go to the Super Bowl again?

    I am not a Cowboys fan this year - and will not be again until Jerry Jones hires a competent general manager and keeps out of his way.

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