NFC & AFC Championship Games - Who Wins & goes to Super Bowl ?

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  • james_woods

    Told ya so ---

  • flipper

    Alrighty then ! Who do you think will win this Super bowl in the brothers matchup ?? Any predictions of scores anyone ? I'm sticking with my earlier prediction : San Francisco 28 Baltimore 17. Would love to see your takes ! ?

    Both teams have strong defenses , however I feel S.F. has a more balanced offensive attack through the run game, the air ( tight ends and receivers both ) , and the x-factor Kaepernick at QB. Baltimore won't know if Gore is going to run, Kaepernick run, pass to Crabtree or no is it a pass to Davis ? Or a pass to Gore out of the backfield ? In Jim Harbaugh I trust to have lots of shenanigan's up his sleeve for Baltimore. Look forward to your takes

  • insearchoftruth4

    SF, If anytime to play defense, this is time to play your best SUPER defense in both halfs. We have the QB ect. Now its the MINDSET....Lets go SF make 6 and 0........ SUPERBOWL!!!

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    SF 38-27


  • unstopableravens

    just something to think about, does anybody really think the best mlb and the second best safety is going to let a qb (hes good) with 9 starts beat them in maybe there both last game? come on? if the 49ers have a chance its on there defense making turnovers,21-0 on brady in the second half, lets be honest guys!

  • insearchoftruth4

    No doubt! SF better play DEFENSE at its BEST.... RAY LEWIS is by far the most Inspiring MAN on the in the game and this AIN'T no humble opinion!!! Its HAMMER TIME.......West Coast Bros. Lets have some fun!

  • MrFreeze

    Should be a good one. I've been pretty wrong so far so I'm just gonna let the game do the talking and not make any predictions, less I make a fool of myself even more.

  • unstopableravens

    is anyone looking forward to half time?

  • dazed but not confused
  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    they are always horrible

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