Im a non JW and i'm interested in a JW

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  • smiddy

    If you value your sanity and freedom to decide for yourself what to do with your life , then get the hell away from her .

    If you pursue this relationship it will be on jw`s terms and you will live to regret it .


  • littlebigtown123

    yeah i heard. I am pretty stubborn. I guess you are right. She has hung out with me by myself before, we were at my place making spinach lasagna. She stayed only for a few hours and seem preoccupied. Actually we spend a lot of time by ourselves. Just first time out of school, and her making excuse to see me. I do resent and hate her a little and maybe she is confused. Anyway we have the same science class together and possibly have a lot of time to study with eachother, but its a wasted break where we are not hanging out together.

    i went to the meetings and I found them extremely boring. I couldn't keep up with all the scripture they throw at you. They give you a lot of these little books. soo much stuffffff.

    Thanks for the advice I am going to see what happen. I'm actually to the point where I am in love with her. She doesn't want children and I am okay with that. You know how you love somebody when you can sit next to them and be happy and nothing else matters. Well she is only 19. I'm in my mid-twenties. I read many of your advice and strugggles, believe me you guys are in my consideration.

  • happy@last
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    My advice is to run also, but I don't think you want to hear it. If you do proceed go very carefully, you are falling in love with someone who does not really know themselves and is conditioned to think and react in certain ways, including putting JWs ahead of you

  • moshe

    I know just what you will do. Some smarties who come to us for advice about a JW love interest have to learn the hard way that they should have listened to the tribal knowledge here. You can check into the KH, but you can't leave when you want to.

  • mrsjones5

    Yeah, we've seen this before. You're not the first and you won't unfortunately be the last.

  • cantleave
  • punkofnice

    Firstly welcome.

    Now I'll say it like it is.

    Give up on her before it messes your life now and life in the future right up!

    It isn't worth the aggro, mate.

  • Heaven

    Welcome LBT123.

    Anyway its killing me, because I feel shes being hot and cold and is trying to keep her distance or placed me in the friend zone, she said shes not interested , but I really dont believe that.

    She is already abusing you emotionally. I doubt she is doing it on purpose. It's the religion. It's abusing her.

    If that is your thing, then stay. But I think it will wear on you over time and ultimately, it will harm or destroy your relationship.

    My advice is to stay away from this religion. If you think you can get her out then make the effort. But she'll likely drop you like a hot potato if you do attempt to refute the Watchtower. Good luck.

  • perfect1

    There are so many fish in the sea.

    Why bother with someone who is brainwashed.

  • Gayle

    You don't need to waste 6mos of your life to learn the facts about JWdom. Check This is a decent wrap-up of the JW beliefs, flip-flops and unloving policies.

    If you need more convincing, please read Steve Hassan's books about high mind control identifiers.

    Best wishes. Put your efforts of serious study in your school classes, and preparations of college (yes, the WT discourages completely anyone going to college - but few go) Find friends that can be honest to you and that you can be honest with.

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