Im a non JW and i'm interested in a JW

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  • hamsterbait

    You are a YOUNG man, with balls working overtime.

    When your brain is SWIMMING in a stew of testosterone, the little fella "down there" will drag you around like a bull with a ring in its nose.

    "ONLY by putting your penis inside THIS person will you be happy" - goes the siren call. This is an instinctive drive to ensure you share your DNA with somebody outside your usual gene pool.

    YOu will NEVER be first in her life - Always it will be the wonderful ORGANISATION, the elders her judgemental family (they just act as if they are not) before you.

    If you have kids and one has an accident, will you fight her over the blood transfusion, or just go along and your child dies?

    Remember HORMONES are behind a lot of your ability to discount the negative that shows mating with this (albeit charming) would be a disaster down the road - but by then the DNA is mixed and there are kids to consider.

    RUN! Before her guilty conscience starts messing with your head.


    Forgot to add: The elders will want to know what you do in bed. They have spelled out what positions and acts between husband and wife are abhorrent to Jehovah (He sits by the bed and watches) Then if they find out, they will excommunicate you, and you will lose all your new family and friends after having been "ENCOURAGED" to get rid of all you non-believing non-judgemental friends.

  • wasblind

    "Born To Be Wild"

    Get your motor runnin'
    Head out on the highway ____Steppin' Wolfe

  • james_woods
    Well she is only 19. I'm in my mid-twenties.

    Does anybody else see some illogical issues here?

  • out4good3

    I was going to weigh in on this person needing to hear from SD-7, but, SD-7 has already responded, and its likely that this person will ignore all the great advice here in pursuit of what he thinks is his own version of a spectacular piece of a$$ anyway.

  • wasblind

    Does anybody else see some illogical issues here?________James Woods

    Yea, she may be of legal age, but not sound enough in mind , still so much to learn

    about herself before she can really know what she wants wit' him

    beyond the flesh that is.

  • wasblind

    Does anybody else see some illogical issues here?________James Woods

    Yea, she may be of legal age, but not sound enough in mind , still so much to learn

    about herself before she can really know what she wants wit' him

    beyond the flesh that is.

  • thecrushed

    RUN!!!!!!!! I married in this crazy ass cult before I woke up and found out TTATT later on. I woke up but my wife is still fully brain washed. We are compatible in every way accept the cult but the thing is the cult acts as a wedge between us because it was designed to be that way. She used to spy on my email/phone/internet activity but luckily I put a stop to that! She has managed to accept that I'm not ever coming back to meetings and I think we still have a love between us but she feels I have forever broken trust between us. She has become extremely depressed and over weight. Her mother now hates me and feels like I stole her daughter from her and she is doing her best to be an added stress and source of guilt. I have become an alcoholic through this process to deal with the stress as well as my wife. This cult will destroy you!!!

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  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome littlebigtown123 to JWN. The best advice I can give you is RUN away as quickly as possible to preserve your emotional health. I also fell in love with a "Spiritually Strong" (gag!) JW woman and thought that love was stronger than an organization and that I believed that an organization would not lie about being a religion. I was wrong on both counts. "Spiritually Strong" (brain dead) JWs will bindly follow the WTBTS, and the WTBTS is a dangerous cult (or org) and believes it is ok to lie - its called "Theocratic Warfare Strategy". Since I did not fall for the WTBTS' BITE control tactics, I was not considered eligible material by my JW and she stopped trying to see me and avoids going to places that she loved to go because she might run into me.

    If you don't like my best advice and really believe that you love this JW woman, then I would strongly recommend that you read Steve Hassan's latest book at the very least, find out if your JW is "Spiritually Strong" (brain dead) or "Spiritually Weak" (still does some thinking for herself), learn as much as you can about the WTBTS from non-WTBTS sources, and introduce your JW to as many non-JWs and non-JW activities as possible. You can start researching the WTBTS on,, and you can research about organizations like the WTBTS on Steve Hassan has written the following books: "Combatting Cult Mind Control", "Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves", and "Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones to Leave Controlling People, Cults, and Organizations". If you own a Kindle, you can buy the "Freedom of Mind" (his latest book) as an e-book on

    I am sorry that no matter what you choose, you will go through a lot of heart ache. It sucks that dangerous cults are able to control and victimize people.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • littlebigtown123

    thank you for your advice and definitily will take it to consideration. I'm going on a date with another girl, perhaps it will change my mind about my feelings, btw she's an atheist.

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