List of UK Travelling Overseers in 2013

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  • jambon1

    Chris Thomson died.

  • Mickey mouse
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Travelling Instructors: COs used to do the pio. schools, elder's schools MTS schools and the like. Now Chris Jolley is doing that full time and will be for three years. They have designated him Travelling Instructor.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->• <!--[endif]-->Rupert Bradbury Died must be 30 years ago.
    <!--[if !supportLists]-->• <!--[endif]-->Denis Harman Retired or evaporated ditto

    Rupert Bradbury is still alive and well and is in his early eighties. He and his wife are still running their Art business, selling their paintings. They are still in regular contact with a friend of mine.

    Denis Harman is still going, must be older though, he is an elder somewhere in the Folkstone area.


  • usualusername

    So let me get this right do any COs do teaching in any Schools?

  • BroMac

    when did chris thompson die? he was a nice chap. really bootiful

  • usualusername

    This list is almost correct as of today:

    C Ainge

    David Algar (District)

    John Andrews

    Phil & Nicky Appleby Bobby Bell

    B Archard (2006)

    D Armstrong (2006)

    N Atkinson (2006)

    R Bell 2006)

    David Bingham (2006)

    G Birchley (2006)

    Colin Bird (disfellowshipped)

    S Bird (2006)

    B Birtles (2006)

    John Black

    Rupert Bradbury (retired and deceased, reports say he is alive and well)

    P Buchanan (2006)

    Tony Cain (Burned Out)

    John Caruthers (Next GB appointee rumour has it)

    Derek Casey

    Steven Clark (District)

    Jim Cleary

    Colin Conradie

    M Cossey

    G Coventry

    Richard Cullen

    Sean Cullerton (sub, applied for Bible School for Christian Couples)


    Dennis Dutton (District)


    G Elson (2006)

    Tony Evans (District)

    Jim Fleming

    Errol Flynn

    J Freeman

    D Garrod (2006)

    Keith Gayden (Robocop)

    Dennis Green (District?)

    Peter Grogan (Substitute Co)

    Iain Haddow

    Dennis Harman (retired)

    Bill Harris

    I Hastick (2006)

    William Heath

    Devaston 'Danny' Henry

    J Hepworth (2006)

    A Hine (2006)

    Jonathan Hill

    George Hilton

    John Hobden

    Mike Hodson

    D Holley

    Roddy Holyoake

    John Hopcraft

    Peter Howell (District)

    David Hudson

    Craig Hunter

    Anton Irons

    C Johnson (2006)

    Keith Johnston [Retired/Left circuit work]

    Chris Jolly (Travelling Instructor)

    Anthony Kendall (District)

    Jonathan Kensall (sub)

    Edmond Kerr

    Alasdair Lambie

    David Lane

    Dennis Lloyd

    R May

    A Manning

    Glen McFarlane

    Peter Morgan (District)

    Ed Mullineaux (Is He Still Going?)

    D Murfitt (2006)

    Peter Nichols

    Mike Parsons

    J Phillips

    C Pitman (2006)

    Paul Presland

    Mike Purbrick (District)

    David Rastell (Retired)

    Mike Reid (in conga now apparently)

    Roy Renouf (District)

    P Rimmington (2006)

    Phillip Rose

    A Schofield (2006)

    A Searle (2006)

    R Shah (2006)

    Justin Shaw

    Steve Skardon

    Andrew Smith

    Brent Smith (retired)

    Mike Spurr

    John Stanbridge (Retired)

    Alan Stokes

    Albert Storer

    Robert Strickland

    Robert Sutherland

    Jim Tait [Retired due to illness]

    P Tarver (2006)

    A Taylor

    Iain Thomasson

    Chris Thompson (passed away)

    Clive Upton

    G Watson

    Paul Williams

    Lee Wilson

    P White (2006)

    Paul Whiteman

    Dean Whittaker

    Don Wilson

    Lee Wilson

    Geoff Woodfield (Substitute?)

    P Wrightman (2006)

    Thanks for you assistance.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Re. Rupert Bradbury: Sorry George the Bradbury's were close family friends. I stayed with them as a kid in their house in Bearsden, Glasgow. They built a house near Loch Lomond in the sixties and I stayed with them there.

    He was a brilliant man, totally independent minded. Had he still been alive (and he is not) he would I think be a contributor to this site.

    Please be assured that he has been dead for many years, his wife, Margaret is living rather grandly somewhere down south. I could check where, a family member stayed with her not so long ago. In short he is definitely deceased.

  • jookbeard

    so were 2 CO's DF'ed in the UK within the last couple of years C Bird and the other one ?

  • bigmac

    names i remeber from 40+ years ago:

    ron drage (say no more )

    peter ellis--seemed a nice guy.

    i think those 2 are at the UK headquarters.


    oliver macdonald

    graham carmichael

    bevan vigo

    bill bull

    doug turnbull

    the late ken richmond

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