List of UK Travelling Overseers in 2013

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  • tijkmo

    doin alright man thanx..hows it hangin ?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Andrew Smith

    William Heath

    Derek Casey

  • tijkmo

    is don wilson the same don 'donny' wilson from scotland married to the black girl wot wedding i went to

  • usualusername

    In alphabetical order i make it 44 currently serving. We are halfay to a complete list:

    David Algar (District?)

    Bobby Bell

    Colin Bird (Disfellowshipped)

    John Black

    Tony Cain (Burned Out)

    John Caruthers (Next GB appointee rumour has it)

    Derek Casey

    Steven Clark

    Colin Conradie

    Another Conradie??????????????

    Richard Cullen

    Jim Fleming

    Errol Flynn

    Keith Gayden (Robocop)

    Peter Grogan (Substitute Co)

    Bill Harris

    Paul Heard (substitute)

    William Heath

    Devaston 'Danny' Henry

    Jonathan Hill

    George Hilton

    John Hobden

    Mike Hodson

    Roddy Holyoake

    John Hopcraft

    David Hudson

    Anton Irons

    Anthony Kendall (District?)

    Jonathan Kensall (substitute)

    Alasdair Lambie

    David Lane

    Glen McFarlane

    Pete Morgan?

    Ed Mullineaux (Is He Still Going?)

    Peter Nichols

    Mike Parsons

    Mike Purbrick

    David Rastell (Retired)

    Roy Renouf (District?)

    Phillip Rose

    Justin Shaw

    Andrew Smith

    Brent Smith (retired)

    Mike Spurr

    John Stanbridge (Retired)

    Alan Stokes

    Robert Sutherland

    Iain Thomasson

    Paul Whiteman

    Dean Whittake

    Paul Williams

    Don Wilson

    Lee Wilson

    Geoff Woodfield (Substitute?)

    Buzz light year lookalike????????????? Name is Popal Poham or something.

    Phil and Nicki (surname unknown)

    Don and Celia (surname unknown)


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Two more that are retired:

    • Rupert Bradbury
    • Denis Harman


  • jookbeard

    never thought there was as many as 70 odd CO's I think we'll struggle to name them all

  • usualusername

    Next update will be under better headings. Surely we have posters from IBSA House?

  • jookbeard

    we used to have British ex Bethelites, Paulappolus is one but rarely posts now.

  • BroMac

    Albert Storer District overseer

    Chris Jolly District Overseer

    Tony Evans District Overseer

  • usualusername

    Can anyone identify these UK travelling overseers?

    Buzz light year lookalike????????????? Name is Popal Poham or something. First name Ray I think

    Phil and Nicki (surname unknown)

    Don and Celia (surname unknown)

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