List of UK Travelling Overseers in 2013

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  • iarts

    Jonathan Hill

    David Hudson

    John Hobden

    Peter Grogan (substitute CO)

    Ed Mullineaux (is he still going?)

    David Lane

    David Elgar

    Jim Fleming

  • Phizzy

    I once said to Jim Fleming, a wee Scotsman, "I see you Jiimmy, ...... but only just !"

    I then learned the guy has no sense of humour. He lectured me and even quoted scripture, all the while the words " Bumptious and Prick" were in my mind for some reason.

  • usualusername

    In alphabetical order i make it 33 currently serving. We are halfay to a complete list:

    David Algar (District?)

    Bobby Bell

    John Black

    Tony Cain (Burned Out)

    John Caruthers (Next GB appointee rumour has it)

    Steven Clark

    Colin Conradie

    Another Conradie??????????????

    Richard Cullen

    Jim Fleming

    Errol Flynn

    Keith Gayden (Robocop)

    Peter Grogan (Substitute Co)

    Bill Harris

    Devaston 'Danny' Henry

    Jonathan Hill

    George Hilton

    John Hobden

    Mike Hodson

    Roddy Holyoake

    John Hopcraft

    David Hudson

    Anton Irons

    Anthony Kendall (District?)

    Alasdair Lambie

    David Lane

    Pete Morgan?

    Ed Mullineaux (Is He Still Going?)

    Peter Nichols

    Mike Purbrick

    David Rastell (Retired)

    Roy Renouf (District?)

    Phillip Rose

    Justin Shaw

    Mike Spurr

    John Stanbridge (Retired)

    Robert Sutherland

    Paul Whiteman

    Lee Wilson

    Geoff Woodfield (Substitute?)

    Buzz light year lookalike????????????? Name is Popal Poham or something.

    Thanks all

  • Lozhasleft

    John Carruthers? That's a blast from the past! Used to be in Horndean, was desperate to 'court' one of my daughters back in the day. Was an ok guy then, very full on though

    Loz x

  • cedars

    It's shocking when I read that list how few COs I actually know. I've only met seven from the above list.

    Mind you, I guess I'm not missing out on much!


  • usualusername

    Well you are a DO in this board Cedars!


  • TimothyT

    I remember having Roy Renouf and his wife in our house one day. He was well nice fair play to him. He was a DO at that point. The new CO was Don Wilson and then there was nother called Dean Whittaker.

    On the subject of CO's, does anyone remember some sort of scandal with a CO called Colin Bird? I believed at one point that an elder in my cong who was disfellowshipped took Colin down with him. Any details?

    Tim :)

  • besty

    Colin Bird DF'd

  • jookbeard

    I take it Alan Stokes must be dead by now

  • konceptual99

    Peter Morgan was in foreign language work but not sure now. He does visit a hall down our way as his wife had family in Sussex so I may be able to confirm if he is still in the CO/DO work.

    There is another guy with a surname like Aynge who covers the Middle East and some of East Sussex (Hastings, Bexhill way). One week in the rain then off secret squirrel stylie to Dubai. Nice work if you can get it.

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