New video: Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower's secret child abuse letter

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  • konceptual99

    Hi Cedars - great video and well done for such a rapid response to this censorship by the society. Hopefully it will be yet another foot shot for them as those searching the internet come across yet another example of them trying to cover something up that simply will not disappear.

  • whathappened

    I gave your video a standing ovation, Cedars. Job well done. Thanks for all your efforts everyone in getting this important information to the public.

    Remember the cheerleaders in high school had a cheer that said "the bigger they are the harder they fall?" Let us hope this applies full force to the evil Watchtower Society.

  • cedars

    Thanks everyone.

    For the record, here is my article on the matter...

    I think the story needs to be told in as many ways as possible.


  • not bitter
    not bitter

    Wow. I am so impressed with this video. Thankyou to all those involved in making it. But its got me so wound up again. When the Conti case came to light and I read the offical JW policy on child abuse it bothered me greatly especially as my father is an elder. At the time I wanted to speak to my parents about it because I was so angry but I ended up avoiding them for a while to calm myself and ended up not saying anything just to keep the peace. Watching this video has started all those feelings of anger and disbelief once again. I'm not sure what I should do.

  • cedars

    I wish I could help you there not bitter. I know all too well how frustrating it is to have indoctrinated family members and be powerless to help them. I find ways to channel my frustration productively. I'm sure you can too, given time. Why not try writing down what you WOULD say to them given the chance? That might be therapeutic.


  • Saintbertholdt

    I don't think the Watchtower's copyright claim would survive if fair use was claimed:

    From wikipedia:
    Copyright does not prohibit all copying or replication. In the United States, the fair use doctrine, codified by the Copyright Act of 1976 as 17 U.S.C. Section 107, permits some copying and distribution without permission of the copyright holder or payment to same. The statute does not clearly define fair use, but instead gives four non-exclusive factors to consider in a fair use analysis. Those factors are:

    1. the purpose and character of your use
    2. the nature of the copyrighted work
    3. what amount and proportion of the whole work was taken, and
    4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.


    Firstly, the primary purpose in reproducing the letter was to expose the dubious policies of the Watchtower corporation.
    Secondly there was no monatary gain in reproducing the letter, the primary purpose was its news worthiness.
    Thirdly, although the whole letter was reproduced it was to show that the information was not fabricated by apostates, but was legitimate.
    Lastly, by reproducing the letter, no inherent monetary value of the letter was decreased.

  • cedars

    Thanks Saintbertholdt - I think you may well have a point. However, I would never have been able to take them to court anyway (or respond to their lawsuit) because I can't yet reveal my identity. Maybe they knew that.


  • Balaamsass

    Congrats!!! Cedars..Your You Tube, Website, and JWN discussions are pinging my google alerts at work.

  • cedars

    Thanks Balaamsass - you're too kind!

    Now get back to work!!


  • irondork

    Nicely done, Mr. Cedars.

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