New video: Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower's secret child abuse letter

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  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    I cannot express my gratitude to all of you for continuing the fight. You are heroes in my book.

    If we save one kid from a predator, it makes it all worth the difficulty of facing such a horrfic subject on a daily basis.

    I resigned as an elder in 2008 over pedophilia and the ridiculous policies that are in place. Bill Bowen and his site were very influencial on my decision, and I showed many of the letters from his site to my family. Once they got past the initial denial, they now clearly understand my stance. Sadly, a family member was molested by an elder years ago, but they thought it was just an isolated incident and a "dirty old man" who wasn't in his right mind anymore. They are still hanging on to the illusion, but I see progress in my battle........the light is getting brighter. They are finding out that this organization is FULL of predators, who are given carte blanche to prey on the kids.

    I know so many children (many now adults) who lives have been affected by these policies, and yet are still imprisoned by those scumballs - the molester and the enablers who allow them to remain (under the guise of being spiritual shepherds).......

    Disgusting, Disgusting, Disgusting.

    Bless all of you for your continued Spiritual Warfare.........

  • ClubSandwich

    Cedars, you and Juan make a great team. I hope that I never cross the two of you. Your acts of defiance, righteous indignation if you will, are works of art. Keep up the good work.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Awesome video, Cedars!

    Juan - Back in the early '90s my husband and I were asked to pay a visit to a sister from out of state who was being treated in a psychiatric institution in our town. She told us her story of sexual abuse at the hands of an elder, and I thought, "Fortunately, such events are rare."

    When we left her room we were accosted by a group of about 10 women, all inpatients at the facility. Word had got around that we were there, and they wanted to share their stories with us. All of them had been molested by elders, and all of them had faded from JWs or had been disfellowshipped. I was shocked and horrified, realizing that it was a widespread problem.

    I will never forget their tears and their anger.

  • Borges

    Very good work Cedars and Juan! Keep up with it, because it's very important. I was a victim of childabuse myself and experienced first hand how elders and the guys in charge (at german branch) handle these cases.

  • nugget

    Good to see the final video. It is important that the word gets out on these issues. Well done for putting it together.

  • Finkelstein

    In reviewing the last WTS. stance /position on members who were once convicted or known to have a history of pedophilia,

    to what should be done at the congregational level. It still appears that they are in acceptance if a person repents upon their actions

    and a segment of time has past, that these individuals should be able to regain or develop themselves further into the organization.

    They still regard pedophilia as just a common sin and not a psychological disorder to any consuming level.

    Taking this stance has cost numerous troubles for people not only for innocent children but for the organization itself by virtue

    of numerous law suits and bad PR in the public media.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Well done Cedars. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to those working with you.

  • cedars

    Thanks everyone.

    The video has now garnered nearly 1000 views in less than 24 hours. I wasn't expecting this sort of reaction.

    I think the "secrecy" element really resonates with people. I can't help but feel baffled by how the Society could yet again shoot themselves in the foot so badly.

    A week ago this was just another shocking Watchtower letter that few were bothered about.

    Now, it is a SECRET letter that Watchtower has gone out of its way to conceal. This will inevitably lead to people wanting to find out why they were trying so hard to hide it, meaning that many more hundreds or even thousands of people will end up reading it than would have read it if it had been left alone.

    They really are their own worst enemy.


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