New video: Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower's secret child abuse letter

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  • Chaserious

    In the large picture I am a big fan of jwsurvey, but I think this video, while well-produced, overdramatizes the "WTS is going to all-out war against us" angle. I really doubt that the WTS actually viewed this as a "great victory." No offense, but I suspect that the entire WTS did not mobilize into action to orchestrate the removal of this one letter, as the video somewhat suggests. I imagine in actuality this kind of thing is rather routine, and does not require authorization from the top. They probably send out loads of takedown notices every week. This one just happened to result in web sites being shut down by somewhat random chance because the notice went into a spam folder.

  • clarity

    Cedars thank you ... great video!


    Watchtower & its followers repeatedly downplay 'their' child abuse problem!


    The truth is, that it is a shocking situation within congregations

    and in many jw homes.


    Most jw's know of this abuse & wrongly think that it is being addressed


    This in fact, is part of the delusion of being one of jehovah's witnesses!


  • Xanthippe

    Brilliant Cedars!

  • new22day

    I'm truly confused. What's their motivation to not report these allegations to authorities? Is it just to protect their reputation that this doesn't happen in Jehovah's religion? Why would a sex offender be considered for more priviledges - are they that short of good members??? Or do they not think child molestation is a big deal? This should go to mainstream media. Yikes.

  • cedars

    Thanks everyone!

    Chaserious - I'm glad you enjoy JWsurvey. In writing the script I tried to stick to the facts by revealing the timescale of events etc so that people could draw their own conclusions about the intent of Watchtower's legal department. I get rather emotional in my writing towards the end of the video, but I believe I'm entitled to given what's at stake! As is stated in the narration, the real purpose of Watchtower's actions was to get an embarrassing letter concealed from the rank and file - and they succeeded in this respect. The fact that they took down several anti-Watchtower websites in the process must surely have been viewed by them as a bonus.


  • Phizzy

    Well done Cedars, and all involved !!

    I think you struck exactly the right tone Cedars, an excellent script , and well delivered. It would have been easy to go over the top about the WT/JW's actions being a breach of your right to free speech, which of course it was, but that would have taken away from the impact of the child Abuse issue, surely the most important aspect.

    I think the sound quality was poor, not your fault in the circumstances and because of the the method of getting N&C to deliver their voice-overs I guess, but something that just makes me only give it 9.99999 out of ten !

    Very well done again all !!

  • FWFranz

    Hi Cedars

    That was brilliant! I am glad to hear that your not intimidated by the big bad ole WTS. The WTS's dirty little secrects can't remain hidden for forever. Certainly not from God who will judge them in the end.


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Very nicely done, Cedars! An amazing piece of work considering the time frame you had to work with, barely more than a weekend.

    For those of you who do not realize the importance of this letter, please go back and read the earlier articles that Cedars posted on about the Candace Conti case. The eleven videos that were produced that had Miss Conti and her attorney, Rick Simons, describing the events leading up to the court case held in Oakland, California are available on,, and (and other sites as well). Just type "Candace Conti" in a search box on any of those sites and you will get access to the whole set.

    I must caution some of you here who have your own websites to temper your sense of righteous indignation in connection with this subject. We want to educate our friends and family members who are still entrapped, not scare them away. What they don't realize is that if they have children and grandchildren going to almost any Kingdom Hall - they are at risk. If they are women, especially those who are married to JW elders and wannabees, they are at risk of being ignored should their husband or boyfriend ever threaten or actually abuse them. They can not count on the elders standing up in their defense.

    And for those young men (and older ones too) that aspire to be elders some day, we should make sure that they understand that they will be put in situations where their own sense of fair play and desire to protect the weaker ones in their congregations could get them in hot water. If they do become elders and go along with the guidelines the Watchtower has given them - then they could face criminal charges or civil law suits for failing to do their duty as citizens should someone in their Kingdom Hall be hurt or otherwise treated in a criminal manner. Why would they ever want to be elders and have to face those choices? Why, I ask?

    I can tell you all that many of us remain active in trying to get the word out to the public and current JWs of the risks they face. It took many years for the Catholic Church to come around and realize they had more to gain by removing pedophile priests than protecting them. If we keep trying then it is just a matter of time before the Watchtower will have to comply as well.

    For those of you in the United States who have access or subscriptions to Netflix, I suggest that you rent or stream the following movies. What the Watchtower is doing is almost exactly what the Catholic Church has been doing for years. See for yourself:

    "Conspiracy of Silence" - (2003 - 87 minutes) Stars Hugh Bonneville, one of the main stars of "Downton Abbey."

    "Deliver Us From Evil" - (2006 - 103 minutes) Oscar nominated documentary about Father Oliver O'Grady.

    After you see those movies, I guarantee you'll understand why we have to work together to force the Watchtower to change its policies. If they don't, then they will eventually be driven into bankruptcy for their intransigence.

    I get a lot of contact forms and emails from JWs and young people who grew up in the religion who share their horror stories with me. It is rare that I can go a week without getting one that doesn't break me down emotionally to the point that I have to get up and walk away from the computer for a few hours. My wife often wonders if I am sick or upset with her when I go through one of these little episodes. There are times when all I can do is wave my hand at her to assure her I'm alright, but I am so emotional that I literally can't speak.

    Empathy can sometimes be a heavy burden for old farts like me. We tend to imagine our own children and grandchildren being subjected to such abuse (or worse) and realizing that a group of unqualified men following orders from Patterson, NY are putting innocent JW children at risk every day.

    I will be sharing some of these stories on and over the next few weeks. All of us need to work together to make sure that our local newspapers and TV stations are aware of what is going on. All it will take is one good article in Time magazine, The Washington Post, or Vanity Fair to bust this wide open. We just have to keep pushing.


  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Added my 2p about the action taken last week along with Cedars' great video over at Feel free to comment...


  • 2+2=5

    Nice work.

    I really liked the cameo from the 'shoe maker' at the beginning. Let him have his say, and then prove him a double speaking snake after revealing the contents of the BOE letter that he would be fully aware of.

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