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  • EdenOne

    Greetings everyone.

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone, being a new member from Western Europe.

    Some may know me from another forum (Eden, from, but most don't, so this is my little intro.

    Male, in my early 40's. Still an active member in good standing of a Jehovah's Witnesses congregation in my country, and honestly not planning to change that status, despite my unorthodox beliefs. Sometime I will elaborate the reason why i don't feel I must leave.

    I also run a website ( where I publish the results of some Bible research.

    I've followed some of the work of some of you who have an intervention here (Cedars, for example), and so I thought it was time to come out and play.

    Thank you for accepting my membership. I tried to sign up as "Eden" but apparently that name was taken, so I used EdenOne. But I will always sign my posts as Eden, unless someone objects to that.

    Best regards to all,


  • Phizzy

    Welcome Eden ! looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts !

  • Hortensia


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  • Pterist

    **** Male, early 40's, from Western Europe. Still an active member in good standing of a Jehovah's Witnesses congregation in my country, and honestly not planning to change that status****

    Welcome Eden, but why are you disobeying the leadership by hanging out here with apostates and atheists ?

  • cofty

    Hi Eden

    I had a brief look at your website. It sounds like you believe precisely the same as the Watchtower on everything.

    Biblical inerrancy

    Divine name - even in NT

    Creation of Jesus

    Non-personal holy spirit

    Literal 144 000

    Armageddon & paradise earth

    Political neutrality

    etc etc

    Do you dissent with the GB about anything?

  • EdenOne

    Hello Pterist and cofty.

    My allegiance is to Jehovah, not to the Governing Body. However, I still feel comfortable being a Witness. And despite common belief among JW's, my vow of baptism doesn't bind me to an earthly organization. In my view, it only binds me to a heavenly organization.


    Yes I agree with the GB in many things, that's why I'm still a Witness ;) However, there are MANY things I disagree, and that's why I'm here. If you take a look beyond the "basic beliefs" section, and look at the article "Two kings at War" you see an example of how much I differ from the GB. And I intend to publish many other examples. Btw, where do you see that I believe that 144.000 is a literal number? What you see there is simply a quote. I may or may not believe it's literal.


  • tornapart

    Welcome Eden. I'm still associated with JWs because of family still in. I had a quick look at your website and it looks interesting. :)

  • cofty

    Hi Eden.

    To be honest there is no chance of me reading a long article on the so-called prophetic book of Daniel - I had decades of that.

    How do you differ from a Jehovah's Witness in terms of doctrine or practice? Is it just a matter of the authority of the GB?

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    Welcome Eden! I find the governing body to be wrong on most things. Especially their own appointment! lol

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