CRAPPING DEAD DINOSAUR MEAT....and the religious implications...

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  • Terry

    Before man....before the Adam/Eve would you explain the nature of life on Earth in terms of sin?

    Millions of years passed before man and sin. (Let that sink in a few seconds.........)

    The preponderance of actual evidence is: (before man) there were only fangs, claws, armour-plating, fighting, killing, dying, chewing and crapping dead dinosaur meat.

    What is my point? I'll spell it out for you. For the deist/theist, this would have to be from God himself!

    You see, NATURE is what is. Not, what isn't.

    You can blame MAN for sin. But, before sin you are still faced with violent death as the essentials of NATURE.

    Now, let's just look at that, shall we?

    If... blind survival of the fittest produced life... it is easy to see why there was struggle and death and clashing chaos: the chewing and bleeding.

    It makes sense in terms of the unintentional meaninglessness.

    But, by deist/theist templates of a Creator with a purpose... you are left with only a morbid fascination with watching living things struggle to survive through killing and eating or being killed and being eaten.

    That means deist/theist conceptions of God must be... stretched... to include the possibility of a "howling maniac" in the sky!!

    God as voyeur to a perpetual grudge match of violent digestion! What a lovely conception.......not!

    A core problem is buying in to Eden... for the rather sordid story that the victim (mankind) is to be blamed for the crime (death). (Not unlike blaming the rape victim for the rape....)

    What alternative to that exists?:

    We are simply the result of blind chance and millions of years of struggling to survive to pass life on to the next struggling soul. Life is only what you make it and nothing more.

    Doesn't this describe reality AS IS?

    Non-believers show every kindness and loving gesture with as much frequency as those committed to faith and belief in deity.

    Others are only marginally "good" for fear of displeasing their tribal deity.

    Christianity's "sin" explanation is just a default position of the mystics and explains nothing by way of the nature of things.

    Go ahead and accept the blame as a human for being human but, don't expect me to buy into that happy horse plop.

    Peddle EDEN all you wish---but, it answers no questions about the nature of life. It just transfers blame to the victims.

  • james_woods

    The Tyranosaurus was obviously a sinful flesh-eating dinosaur.

    The Brontosaurus was OK (a plant eater), but too stupid and clumsy to build an ark when Jehovah killed them all in the flood.

  • EntirelyPossible


  • Apognophos

    The dinosaurs were created in order to give us fossil fuels millions of years later. They died for our sins.

  • Mary

    Did they ever actually put this to print in any of the liter-boxature? Or was it done word of mouth and spread thereafter? (like the sister who was protected by the 2 angels while calling on a murderer...)

  • PSacramento

    Some people believe in God and some in chance.

    Some have faith in God and some in chance.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Oh Mary, I have no idea.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    You see, NATURE is what is. Not, what isn't.

    "Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above."

    -Rose to Charlie

    (Katherine Hepburn to Humphrey Bogart)- The African Queen 1951

  • cyberjesus

    Some people believe in Zeus and some in chance.

    Some have faith in Zeus and some in chance.


    you dont see it uh?

  • PSacramento
    you dont see it uh?

    Of course I do, what make you think otherwise?

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