What's The Main Reason You Do Not Believe That The Witnesses Are The Best Religion?

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  • LongHairGal


    Glad you are free and enjoying the holidays!

    When I first walked away from the JW religion, I reconnected with estranged relatives and friends and I made sure I celebrated the holidays, Christmas in particular.

    When you leave the JW religion you are like a person who was in the desert and thirsty for genuine friendship and companionship - which is something you never really had when in the JW religion. All the friendships there are CONDITIONAL and it is an emotionally unhealthy environment as far as I was concerned.

  • doofdaddy

    The main reason was the generation back flip. For decades I had hammered on people's doors, hassled work mates and generally annoyed everyone that the generation that were old enough to recognise 1914 as the beginning of god's heavenly kingdom would see out this system and pass through armageddon into a paradise earth.

    Of course I told people this as it was my belief, my basis of faith and really my "evidence" of a loving and just god. When I read that initial "new light" in the watchtower, I went numb. What made it worse was that none of my friends could see the change and speaking to the elders, I was warned about apostate thinking! Was I going mad? Only reading here on this site years later did I find out that the wtbts finally admitted albeit briefly that they had erred.

  • Emery

    When I found they absolutely had no authority given to them by Jesus in 1919.

  • QueenWitch

    The whole shunning thing and no holidays. JWs do everything to section off its followers. It's a cult.

  • happytobefree

    andys....you wrote my exact thoughts....except I read COC in 2000.

    I hated everything about being a JW when I started Kindergarten and had to color a clown instead of a Santa Claus. I was the rebellious JW kid...I hated everything. I was very intelligent and social and everything that my hard work accomplished, being asked to be editor of the school newspaper, being voted as Class President without running, nominated for HomeComing Queen. Track coaches begging my parents to let me run on the track team for 3 years straight...Anythng that normal parents would be so very happy for their child...mind had to remind me that these were not something that would honor Jehovah. ....I have always hated this f**king religion.

    ...but what do I do when I when I married a non JW and moved to a new city. I get lonely and home sick....so I meet a nice lady at the bus stop who is a JW and I saw it as a sign from Jehovah that I needed to go back to the KH. I get baptized, ruin a potentially great marriage and all the other trappings of choosing the f**king JW religion.

    So reading COC verified everthing I knew my whole life that my parents had chosen a f**king cult. That I HATE!!!! I really want to release my utter HATE for the this f**king relighion.

  • cofty

    Exactly the same as Christ Alone.

    It wasn't so much the errors but the way they treated us like idiots with the change of doctrine in 1996.

    If they had humbly admitted their mistakes and aplogised I might have been there a lot longer.

  • wasblind

    Uh, yes I did , Hmm, this is different- no tax money was used to pay for it!______Moshe

    But you still like freebies. Right ?

  • extractor

    They take caring people and turn them into jerks-for-Jehovah's organization.

    SOOOOOOOO true!!!!!!!

  • Lozhasleft

    The lack of holy spirit and then the corruption.

    Loz x

  • moshe
    But you still like freebies. Right ?

    Oh, yeah--What time is your Sunday brunch?

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