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  • PSacramento
    Briefly, no. Which detail is wrong?

    Detail? Oh well my question wasn't about any detail in specific juts if that was your summary of what CHristianity is.

    But we are NOT Christ's "brothers" per say, He is the begotten Son of God and we were "created" through Him as was the rest of creation.

    When the Son of God became Son of Man, yes we became His brothers in that regard, but not siblings by nature.

    God's forgiveness of those that put their faith in Christ is a gift, a reward for those able to do such a thing ( not easy of course).

    Personally I have never been a "fan" of any of the writings in which God "demands" worship and love and such.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    the people who killed jesus also said he didnt have rightousness to offer either

    That's right!

    You see how i just used your own shitty argument there?


  • PSacramento
    Yes their beliefs are founded on emotions and ignorance by people who lived more 2000 years ago who were quite ignorant about the world
    they lived in and of themselves but were nevertheless proficient in embellishing stories concerning their god(s) to whom they worshiped to.

    In practice not accepting that known ignorance is truthfully being intellectually dishonest

    And you know that for a fact of all beleivers?

  • cantleave

    OK Lets go back to the book

    David - Homocidal Psychopath - Righteous in God's eyes

    Elisha - No sense of humour, believes in Infanticide if kids point out he is follically challenged - Righteous in God's eyes

    Lot - Allows his daughters to be raped by strangers and then fucks them himself - Righteous in God's eyes

    Samson. Psychopathic murderer, visits whores and cruel to animals - Righteous in Gods eyes.

    Because these men had faith in god they were ok - Right?

    Shit man!!! I am so glad I don't worship this asswipe of a god.

  • bohm

    Dd: i am not surpriced.

    psac:sure, that part is wrong (unless we are actually talking about jesus family), i just found it immaterial. As is the distinction with the thugs, at least in pauls (actual) writing.

    My point is that to make the story work the way dd is trying to do one has to do special pleading.

  • unstopableravens

    cant leave i did get you an asnswer, you ignoring it is on you, it did not matter what anyone did david put in trust in god, you and i are no better than david, he killed yes its wrong, but you have thought about killing you have thought lustful thoughts yourself, so you are unright im unright because of sin. we can only be right the same as david did by faith and faith alone.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Just so we are clear, you would rather have your own self righteousness? Right?

  • Finkelstein

    And you know that for a fact of all believers?

    Logically thinking Yes

    The ancients were just human just like us remember.

  • cantleave

    Thinking impure thoughts is not as bad as telling others to act them out or actaully acting them out. Yet that is what your god did. He authorised, rape, murder, genocide, infanticide by bear. To make matters worse he is suspossed to be omnipotent, yet does nothing to improve the lot of millions who have sufferted and are suffering. He is no better than the these men he declared righteous.

    Could it be my friend, that your god is a construct of the minds of lunatics that he deemed to be righteous?

  • unstopableravens

    funny this thread was meant to give athiest a compliment lol

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