Good Reasons To Hate Every Weak And Ex-Jehovah Witness.

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  • Honeybucket

    girl, I feel you.

    I hate it when they know you have a skill, welding, wood working, hair stylist, ect. Then they all start asking you to help them without paying for it or they pay the bare minimum. No I will not give you a 5 dolla hair cut.

    There is a sister in the hall I went to that never ever came to meetings. She was at every social event though. If you extended your hand to help she would take a mile, not an inch. She wanted me to go get you elderly mom and her to go shopping. But first they had to visit for hours, then they decided they want to stop off at the coffee stand. We get to the grocery store and they take all damn day. When you take them back home they dont let you drop them off. You have to come inside and listen to all their stupid stories about their stupid boring lives.

  • Honeybucket

    ok I RE RED THAT, this bitch needs to get booted

  • NeverKnew

    I don't know but she seems like she's pi$$ed off at everyone....

    people in her it called car group?

    people who don't buy her coffee or gas,

    people who borrow money,

    people who are handicapped,

    people who own seven cats,

    people who own Dachsunds,

    people asking her husband for marital advice with respect to money,

    her parents,

    people who sit in certain seats at events she feels they're unworthy of,

    people who need their lawn cut,

    people who don't change their car's oil,

    people who have plumbing challenges,

    and apparently weak and ex-JWs

    AuntConnie? It doesn't appear I fall into any of the above categories... Am I in a yet unspecified category of people you hate?

    Are there others who are called "elderettes" who feel as you do? If so, please dear God, never put me with an elder. I don't want to have to walk around with this much anger.

  • Chaserious

    I figured she was just trying to be funny.

  • watson


  • joyfulfader

    Perhaps I am not perceiving the real meaning behind this post but the venom and it's targets seem to be the wrong people i.e. the poor, the weak, the elderly and most amusing of all...ex jw's who avail themselve of none of the things mentioned. If that is not the aim I would appreciate a clarification please. Hate seems to be the undercurrent of the cult sadly, not outside of it.

  • AuntConnie

    I want to share why I am so angry with everyone, there is no possible arena as a Jehovah's Witness to vent my anger and hatred. My status as a "role model" JW would change instantly, you allow me the gift of personal expression.

    This is the first time I feel free to converse with my underlings, individuals who cause my pain and suffering. Are you familiar with terms my heart is going through, I feel very empty inside, is it from "compassion overload", "love burnout" or "apathy to the chronic complaining of sick and mentally ill witnesses.". The duties of the elderettes is not easy, we loose our husbands time from stupid shit, cold dinners because bat-shit debbie's toliet spilled out (from stufffed sanitary napkins and tampoons) into the street, and my husband spends three hours to "snake" her drain." We could have a beautiful dinner if poor JWs with iphones would downsize their spending and call a plumber. Life sucks right now!

    My soul is tired of dealing with weak people who blame others for their situation or demise. Try to walk a mile in my "pioneer high heels", driving looney tunes from point A to point Z and you will agree.

    Mrs Jones you understand the issues of people absorbing our husbands time, life is hard enough without our husbands heading out to stop a fist fight between two people who never should have go married.

    Love Aunt Connie or Hate Me, I don't give a damm either way!

  • mrsjones5

    Well welcome to the crowd. There's a-many expioneers who can relate here. I've never had the joy of being one, yay me.

  • scary21

    WOW " Oasis of Passion " district convention. .... Sounds strange for a JW.....sounds more like a R rated

    Some JW can't do anything with out calling an elder... You don't know how many times I've heard that " well I'll have to ask the elder about THAT....

    Why can't people think and do for themselves ?? ( unless they are old or sick ).... What is wrong with JW ??? WELCOME !

  • jgnat

    1. Jump off the pioneer bandwagon
    2. Get to the convention earlier, duh, and save your favorite seats
    3. Re-read the Beatitudes
    4. Remember to say thank-you for this free venue for your frustration, wasting our time

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