Christianity gives you....ummm...ummm....exactly what?

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  • designs

    7:18- 'For I desire to do what is good but I cannot carry it out' this passage shows the fatalism from which Judaism seperated itself 500 years earlier when the Jewish Sages and Rabbis like Hillel advanced philosophical Judaism. Paul (whoever this was) shows a retrograde understanding of human will dragging humanity back to the Stone Age rather than acknowledge that we are the captian of our own vessels.

  • glenster

    A nice hope, lots of tunes, food from the food bank when I was poor, my Mom
    and Dad, M.L. King, Steven Colbert, Robert Kennedy, etc., and people like that.

    Lots of material to show the JWs leaders lied about for GTJ Brooklyn.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan


    .....i truly believe that when we are in the presense of god, we will see how vail and wicked we all are compared to him

    unstopable, I don't think there could be a long enough post to demonstrate the opposite, quoting directly from the holy source...

  • NewChapter

    i truly believe that when we are in the presense of god, we will see how vail and wicked we all are compared to him,please understand what i mean, im not saying that were pure evil like hilter and having no conscience but compared to gods holyness(sp lol) there is nothing good in us. paul knew this (romans 8:17)

    So your loving god tells you that you are vial and wicked? Your children are vial and wicked? Your parents, friends, siblings, spouse are vial and wicked. You are nothing without this god? You are deeply flawed and in need of fixing. A newborn baby is vial and wicked and deeply flawed. And when the vial wickedness comes to a head, not like with Hitler of course, but worse, say picking up sticks on the Sabbath, this Holy god just smites the offender. Humans make him do it, because we are vial and wicked. And if you do his bidding, all will be well. And if you don't, then there is eternal torture.

    And you call this love? Interesting. I find it an appalling way to live and view people, but some people like it. Abusive husbands, wives and parents also love this line of reasoning. Nobody will ever love you like this god will----goddamit! And you will be happy, appreciative and obedient, or he will pound you into the ground with his mighty fist! Someone should call childrens' services, but then, human standards have risen much higher than this god's standards. And people call it love.

    If we ever have to wonder why a person stays in an abusive relationship, maybe we should take a look at the sick and twisted love their god doles out.

  • unstopableravens

    new chapter in the context of what i was saying naturally we are sinful and god is sinless, jesus said you even though you are wicked know how to give good gifts how much more will your fathe give holy spirirt to those asking, its clear there is no comparing us as sinful humans to gods holyness.that was my point, not saying we are worthless because were not jesus die for us because god loved us first. please understand the context of what im saying.

  • james_woods

    It still gave us Johann Sebastian Bach.

  • unstopableravens

    for example can everyone here including me, honestly say that we never lusted after someone other than our mate? how long can we go without even having wrong thoughts, the point is not we are worthless but we need god ,and thanks to jesus to can be declared right before yahweh.

  • Terry

    Question for Christians.

    Have you tried being informed/interested in any other Major Religion such as Islam, Judaism, Confucianism etc? Have you studied with the same honest inquiry as with Christianity?

    What are the odds you just happened to be born in the right time and place and country etc. to find Christianity so amenable?

    Just askin'

  • glenster

    I can't prove God let alone specifics added to the basic concept, that I'd
    pick my parents if all I could do is pick them out of a summary of the qualities
    of all the possible parents in the world, prove that you have to love a song I
    love, etc., and, all due respect to the math of them and related odds, I'm glad
    that's not all there is. Some things are subjective and can not only be under-
    stood as such but cherished. It's a personal call.

  • NewChapter

    well unstop. i dont think lusting is evil or wrong. simply human. how we balance benefits and consequences makes us either people that dont hurt others or people who do. but lusting itself does not make us evil. we dont have to be saved from our humaness. in your black and white world normal things are evil therefore humans are basically evil. im so glad i dont live like that anymore. i value hmans and life so much more now.

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