Christianity gives you....ummm...ummm....exactly what?

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    SA, rich people can afford nice churches (how logical) and the poor can afford crap churches.

    Apparently, dear Moshe (again, peace to you!)

    Not to worry, God will take care of them in the next life, if they will only follow what a pastor, or humble religious teacher like you, tells them.

    To the contrary, following pastors... or me... can get them led into the pit (vs. the next life). The ONLY One they should follow for THAT... if they have to follow someone... is the Fine Shepherd.

    The only people the rich have to worry about are the nonreligious envious types.

    What of the religious envious types? Methinks there are more of those. At least, history seems to indicate that...

    A gated community with a 10ft wall and a security guard will keep them away from their multimillion dollar mansions.

    Well, my understanding is that thieves can be religious... and break in, too. Indeed, the ones my Lord speaks about actually tend to be leaders of religion, so... while walls and security guards might keep such out folks mansions... won't necessarily keep folks out of their pockets.

    So all these people are screwed, like these peeps:

    Not necessarily, dear Heaven (peace to you, as well). Some folks do "by nature" the things of the Law. Unlike some of us who are hard-headed, hard-hearted, stiff-necked... and so have to be prodded and goaded... like mules (Psalm 32:9). The Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, shows mercy to whomever HE wishes to show it. And that is part of the GOOD news about Christ - NOT that some people are screwed, but that, through HIM... all CAN live. Eternally. As to who won't... that isn't for any to say EXCEPT the Most Holy One of Israel Himself. Anyone of man who purports to say risks have that same "judgment" ultimately be their own.

    Peace to you, both!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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