Final prayer after fieldservice today.

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  • Tater-T

    I don't recall any outlandish statements of this magnitude/subject regarding the "do's and dont's" of prayer.

    I do!!

  • shamus100

    So do I.

  • snakeface

    this would be a good "questions from readers"

  • problemaddict

    Hey FTF,

    I condusted an informal experiment. I went to my meeting on Sunday. Nothing. i asked my sister. Nothing. I asked my mother and father. Nothing. I asked the people that work for me (3 different halls). Nothing. I called my friends in other states. Nothing.

    Out of 12 people I asked, only one said the hall mentioned anything about the tragedy, and that is was vague, did not ention the event, and just said that people need hope in trying times.

    Nothing in print has been written about this. I also believe most JW's do not agree with this, if they even notice. It speaks to the larger issue the religion has. That it is engrained in the very culture, to be "separate" from everything to an extreme un non-christian degree.

    The reason nobody in any of those halls prayer for the victems, is because they weren't JW's. Maybe they didn't even think about it, but that is why. This young brother was couseled for doing so. I was counseled last year for praying for those that "oppose" us.

    Nothing send you down the road of opposition faster, that feeling like you are on the wrong side of compassion!!

  • Tater-T

    when you are coming in they pretty much analyze your prayers like a talk...

  • ruderedhead

    Asking God to comfort those who are facing this horrible nightmare IS OFFERING SRIRITUAL HELP!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I was privately reproved for "using bad judgment": I spoke and performed at a slain friend's non-Witness memorial . . .


  • El_Guapo


    Wow! That's cold-blooded on their behalf.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Yes, El _Guapo, you're right. I was at the time still very much in and seeking the elders' and Society's approval (whom I wrote explaining the circumstance). Now, I do not explain anything or ask anyone's "permission."

    Welcome to JWN!

    Another worn-out servant,


  • Chaserious

    Not surprised. I remember going to the meeting on Sept 11, 2001. It was a Tuesday, and we had our TMS & Service meeting on Tuesdays in my hall. I was a 19 year old MS, and I remember it not only because it was 9/11, but because I has just been appointed and had my first "big boy" part that was a part in the meeting reserved for Ministerial Servants or Elders. I wondered if anything would be said about 9/11, and it seemed to me like something should. My part had nothing to do with any topic that could be tied to the subject and I basically just gave it straight, afraid to deviate with it being my first part and all. Nothing was said about the attacks except in the prayer, and it had something to do with preaching to the people affected. I thought that was terrible to have a "Christian Meeting" and say nothing about the people affected by the events that very day. But I felt badly about it for a while after, because I really was as much to blame as everyone else.

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