Final prayer after fieldservice today.

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  • Finkelstein

    The WTS. as a working Christian organization works exclusively within itself,

    there is little organized works of compassion to help people who are not of the organization.

    Thats why asking for god's help for people who are not exclusively apart of the organization

    gets frown on ... ie. earthquakes, hurricanes etc.

  • Pterist

    WOW, well we become like whatever our God is, in this case a cold, non feeling, organisation.

  • El_Guapo

    You guys are 100% right.

    You can't argue biblical examples, especially from the mouth of Jesus. I just called another elder, one who I really like and asked him what was up? He said our prayers for field service should be about field service. He agreed that it shouldn't be a problem, but why "swing a stick at a hornet's nest?" He asked me if I was o.k: 1. you want to step down as an M.S. (see my story here: 2.) you offer a prayer unlike anything you have ever said. I told him that I have been reading the bible (I bought the ESV on eBay - Love it) and have been trying to apply what I have been learning to a greater extent. I asked him what do you mean by "If I am okay" he asked if I had been talking to a new group of people or have gone online. etc. LOL

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    aaaaaaahhhhhh. the voice of strangers

  • confusedteenager

    It's disgusting, but honestly, whenever there is a natural disaster, the only thing the organization ever worries about is whether or not any of "our people" were affected. They don't pray about hundreds and possibly thousands of non-witnesses that may have been affected or lost their lives. It's all about J-dubs only. That's what I've noticed.

  • WinstonSmith

    The brother giving the closing prayers at our Sunday meeting on the weekend asked for Jehovah to look after 'our brothers in Fiji and Samoa who have been affected by the recent cyclones' My first thought was 'What about all the other people on the islands?'

    I have heard other people say in response to disasters where lots of people have died 'Well at least they'll get a resurrection now. Its probably better that way as they would have been destroyed at Armageddon.'

    Ah, the Christian spirit of love and compassion. Its alive and well, and nowhere near a Kingdom Hall.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    After the Northridge earthquake, I had some people in the hall come by and help me take down part of my chimney that had cracked, and was tagged as a hazard. While we were working on it, some city inspectors stopped and asked if we could help an elderly lady down the street. He got a big fat no from the elder who was sorta organizing everything. I kept my mouth shut.

  • Finkelstein

    Ah, the Christian spirit of love and compassion. Its alive and well, and nowhere near a Kingdom Hall.

    And nowhere to be found outside of the Kingdom Halls either

  • cyberjesus

    Yeah those kids were supposed to die in Armaggedon anyway. So it was a waste of a prayer... you needed to pray for people to open the doors.

  • cofty

    El_Guapo - Congratulations, when you start to notice the suffering of non-JWs its a sure sign you have broken the spell.

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