Final prayer after fieldservice today.

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  • puffthedragon

    You are turning human. Next time the elders ask why you can't serve as a MS, mention how flabergasted you were that you were counciled for showing love for your fellow man.

  • redvip2000

    Sometimes i am tempted to go back just so that i have a chance to do things my way...

    I wish i was still in and an elder came up to me and told me what this moron told you. You can be sure he wouldn't like my reply.

  • problemaddict

    Dude I still can't get over that I was counseled for EXACTLY what the scripture says to do. Pray for our "enemies".

    You cna't make sense of it. Someone asks if you are ok, just say no, that is why I want to step down. Please just let me do it without the back and forth.

    Cofy is correct. Once you begin to really feel and understand compassion for NON-JW's in addition ot your "brotherhood", you can see where the issues are.

    Since you don't want to be a servant, and it is somehow inappropriate to pray for people suffering (use the scriptures shared with you above.....there is no comeback for them), you probably should just claim "discouragement" which is a code to the CO that you need to be taken out of that position.

    This thread is making me angry. I called and asked 5 of my friends in different halls. Nobody prayed for the families. I mean I get that it isn't a foregone conclusion, but come on.

  • caliber
    you probably should just claim "discouragement" which is a code to the CO that you need to be taken out of that position.

    this amuses me in a twisted way I guess...

    this is the opposite of when elders come to give you "encouragement" , code for "what the hell is going on in your life ? "

    and we are here to get it out of you

  • jookbeard

    its great EL_ that you prayed for these poor people and I hope you repeat a similar prayer the next time you are asked, that was a particularly vindictive and evil criticism of your prayer by such an uncaring fool they really are sick and sad. Many years ago we had a visiting speaker who mentioned in his public talk that we should pray for Terry Waite when he was kidnapped in Lebanon by Hezbollah in the mid 80's there was such an outcry from the elders in our cong about this bro's comment that I remember a Special Needs talk followed it and the bro was swiftly banned from ever visiting out cong again, I though it was great.

  • Finkelstein

    One should never pray for so called wordily people, god disapproves of this and he has his enforcers (Elders) to see that you don't.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Unbelievable. True colors are showing, and it ain't pretty. Pray to convert them, but do not pray that they have comfort in the midst of immense heartbreak. Sick.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    2.) you offer a prayer unlike anything you have ever said.

    It certainly reflects badly upon JWs that one of the ways in which an elder can sense that someone is allegedly turning apostate is that his prayers become more generous and inclusive.

  • flipper

    EL_GUAPO- I tip my hat to you my friend for having the courage to pray for these Connecticut families and victims. You did the right thing and that is NEVER wrong. The WT Society is an evil organization that blackmails it's members into conforming to an elitist mindset which holds prejudice against showing true human compassion to any non-Jehovah's Witnesses when the WT marketing sales scheme is not involved.

    WT Society has an angle for showing " conditional " kindness and those conditions are ONLY if a " worldly " person is interested in joining the Jehovah's Witness organization or interested in having a Bible Study to be a prospective member. I wish that elder would have said that to you with me standing there by you my friend- he would have been decked needing smelling salts to wake up ! I've been out almost 10 years now and I don't stand for this $hit - even from my JW family if they say this stuff to me. They'll get an earful

  • mamochan13

    El guapo - you did the right thing in showing you have a heart. For me this continues to be the main argument against the JW religion - their lack of any human compasion and feeling for their fellow man and their hatred for those who are "wordly"

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