Final prayer after fieldservice today.

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  • El_Guapo

    Yeah, I never thought about the fact that EVERYTIME a disaster happens. We only pray for JW's EVERY SINGLE TIME..... Mentally, I'm heading out of the borg QUICK, I never thought my faith would be gone soooo quick. I have always been very aglie with the bible, I have helped 2 people get baptized in the last 15 yrs. But, the lack of LOVE has started me question things. How can a religion not pray for people who suffered a huge loss. I mean I can't relate with someone losing I child (I'm not a father) but what that person needs the most is condolonces and true love.

    Not to hack my own thread, but BLONDIE I am a huge fan. LOL

    I love your WT comments.

  • Finkelstein

    You have to be very careful with yourself as being caught as a loving and compassionate Christian inside the WTS. !

  • DesirousOfChange

    I asked him what do you mean by "If I am okay" he asked if I had been talking to a new group of people or have gone online.

    They are scared sh!tless that people will learn TTATT on sites like this or from associating with you "mentally diseased apostates" !!!!


  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I am a fairly new poster [this being only my 2nd time on this site] I am also known as 'New Dissident" on JWstruggle.

    First I wish to welcome El Guapo to the site and his freedom from the Borg's assimilation. I commend your intestinal fortitute to stand up and admit your human feelings and empathy thru your prayer.

    Second: If anyone has any doubts about the WTS non-caring attitude then all you have to do, is go to their official site at and look at the small pathetic 'blurp' about the school shooting. OMG! Nothing about the families that did lose someone. I mentioned this to my very 'Borg' mother-in-law and she defended them by saying that maybe they did it in private. I logically stated that wouldn't it be a better 'witness' for the public to see their fellow feelings and sympathy?

    They need a new PR guy.

    All I got was Ummm, well, ummm.......

  • MrFreeze

    Should have asked him if it were okay to pray for the families if there was a JW family among them.


    El Guapo!!

    That rocks! The next thing you know you will be partaking at the memorial ( or at home in private, preferably )!! Then they will really be scared sh!tless!! Your experience floored me and I have been through the ringer in my KH..

    " I told him that I have been reading the bible (I bought the ESV on eBay - Love it) and have been trying to apply what I have been learning to a greater extent. I asked him what do you mean by "If I am okay" he asked if I had been talking to a new group of people or have gone online. etc. "

    LOL!!! During my inquisitions I used scriptural principles and even gave them some printed WT articles. The questions that I was asked was... " Have you been watching any T.V Evangelists?! " HAHAHAHA!! Yes, yes, don't be a self-righteous pharisee, read your bible and act like Jesus would want you to act! You are on your way to apostasy!!

  • shamus100

    There is no PR about it. They are a high control group; not a religion.

  • MrFreeze

    Man I'm really ticked at what that elder said. I would have let him have it.

    I know of a couple people in my hall who might have made an issue about it like the elder did.

  • FaceTheFacts

    That's quite shocking and disheartening. Although I disagree strongly with the elders' sentiments...I think it's quite a bit of a hasty generalization to conclude that this is a common exhibition of the cult mentality within the R&F JW population. On the contrary, I don't recall any outlandish statements of this magnitude/subject regarding the "do's and dont's" of prayer. I'm also quite sure there are several commentaries in the Watchtower publications regarding why we should pray for God's Kingdom to come (i.e. the sufferings and cruelties experienced by humanity as a whole) which indicates, at least in a general sense, encouragement to show concern of affliction experienced by non-JWs in prayer.

    But perhaps there is a publication that contradicts my viewpoint? If so...I will definitely retract this.

  • InterestedOne

    FaceTheFacts - Well maybe we could try an experiment. Anyone here who is still involved with the JW's could try praying out loud the way El_Guapo did and report back here with how the elders and fellow JW's react.

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