JW.org reports on the Sandy Hook shooting...

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  • scotoma

    I have housebound relatives who are witnesses who routinely send out letters to families listed in obituaries.

    Some have become witnesses.

    Right or wrong JW's consider their effort beneficial. And all the cynicism on this thread won't change ANYTHING.

  • mrsjones5

    Then why post here? Your comments won't change our minds either. No one will go back to the hall because of YOU.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Please don't start trolling me. This is Cedar's thread. If you wish to start a discussion about how wonderfully successful the post-tragedy JW preaching is going to be, start your own thread.

  • minimus

    Minimus high fives MrsJ to the dismay of Scoto.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Cedars' comment about JWs being concerned only with their own is absolutely correct.

    If I were still a JW my first thought about the tragedy would have been to worry that some JW kids were among the victims. I would have felt badly for all of the families affected, but seriously, I would have thought, "Well, at least the victims will get a resurrection."

    I'm so glad I'm not still under their mind control. It makes you almost not human.

    " Jehovah’s Witnesses in the area are offering assistance and spiritual comfort to the families and communities affected by this tragedy ."

    The WBT$ JW Disaster Response Team..

    Has there been a Tragedy in your Life?..

    This is your Lucky Day!..

    We have WBT$ Crap for you to Read!..

    ( No thats it..Just this Shit..)


    .............................. mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • ziddina
    You certainly have set a big agenda.
    Preaching to the choir isn't going to persuade significant numbers of people to abandon JW's. ..." Scotoma, page #3

    Ah, Scotoma...

    Though the efforts of Cedars and many others at informing people of the cultish beliefs and level of control within the Watchtower Society is commendable and may assist many to exit...

    The most significant factor in persuading people to leave is the behavior of the Watchtower Society, itself... giggle

  • Dagney

    Well, what other statement can the WBTS make? Their help is shallow and insincere. Any attempt to comfort bereaved is with an agenda. People don't really know their motive. Makes me sick.

    The WBTS created the JW culture, and the JW culture is the problem with JW's. Not just doctrine.

  • pixel

    " I have housebound relatives who are witnesses who routinely send out letters to families listed in obituaries."

    I bet they count their time while at it.

  • cedars

    I was also thinking some more about scotoma's attempted justification, where he/she likened the JW.org report to when a country's national media might mention if someone from the country in question was involved in a given tragedy.

    The UK media focussed some attention on a young boy who recently emigrated from the UK and who was among the 20 kids who were killed, but this was really just a footnote. The overwhelming majority of coverage focused on the tragic loss of life on such a large scale, and the bravery of the teachers in giving their lives in trying to protect the children.

    I'm quite convinced that if there had been NO Brits involved in the tragedy, you would never have heard the anchor saying "you'll be pleased to hear that no British children were involved." It just wouldn't be a part of the announcement at all. Why? Because it would be insensitive in the extreme, and frankly not newsworthy.

    JW.org used 73 words on its website to comment on the shooting. Aside from describing the event as a "tragedy", none of those words were used to offer expressions of sadness or sympathy on behalf of the worldwide organization for the parents who have lost their children. Instead, 20 of the 73 words were used to confirm that no Witness children were harmed.

    But hey, apparently, that is not sufficient evidence for some that the Watch Tower Society is only truly interested in the welfare of Jehovah's Witnesses.


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