the dumbest thing a CO ever said

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  • wasblind

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that JW "theology" is full of blatant contradictions and non-sensical ideas and beliefs?


    The WTS is like a song wit' no melody , and a dance wit' no step, that goes in a continuous circle

  • cantleave

    The spirit of the whole congregation is detrimentally affected by just one covered over sin!

  • thomyorke

    Speaker on a platform should have he's a jacket on, even if outside temperature is +80C (176F)!

  • Fed-up

    GLADIATOR: "Sued shoes should not be allowed on the platform."

    "Brothers that allow hair to cover even part of their ears are displaying homosexual tendencies."

    “It’s discussing for brothers to find other woman attractive after you have got married. My wife satisfies all my needs.”

    “I was in my twenties and married before I found out that homosexuals existed - and I was horrified.”

    “Children that won’t pay attention at meetings should be taken out the back and spanked.”

    "If you brothers think you will get through Armageddon by lying in bed on a Sunday morning you had better think again!"

    Ok...So, as a representative of the all knowing WTBTS, the Circuit Overseer or District Overseer are not to be questioned...We just really have to accept these things as fact, for at least until they are reassigned. Don't worry, we'll do all your thinking for you.

    And that crap about the genetic material only being passed through the fathers side...where do they get this stuff???

    How stupid.

  • sir82

    Satan is behind the "women's liberation" movement.

    In the 1950's, houswives were responding to JW preaching, studies were started with them, and those housewives then brought their husbands into the truth.

    So in the 1960's Satan had the idea of sending women into the workplace, so they would not be at home during weekday witnessing, and thus not accept Bible studies.

    How does the statement go? "That's so bizarre, it's not even wrong"?

  • Pistoff

    After reading the day's text, that included the WT article saying it was never OK for a husband to physically abuse his wife, the CO said:

    "Now that doesn't mean if your husband slaps you up you can go running to the elders!"

    That is verbatim.

    Thanks, CO Jack Thomas; you woke me up to the fact that I was raised in a crackpot religion.

  • punkofnice

    ''Have you notice how when people go out of the truth, when they come back their spiritual understanding is up to date?'' (Paraphrased Richard Cullen)

  • NVR2L8

    Talking about the coming of Armageddon, if you wait long enough, everything you wish for will happen...then he gave a few examples like a teenager getting his driver's licence or finishing school. At one point these events may have seem distant...but in time they were fulfilled. All I could think was that if we wait long enough we will all be morron.

    The same CO said that repeating the same wrong statement over and over has people eventually believe that it's the truth...I thought to myself: where are the same things repeated over and over having everyone believing it's the truth?

    These 2 statements were pivotal in my leaving the cult.

  • Apognophos

    Of course, the congregations had their way of ignoring the crazier or more unpopular declarations by the CO. Often there would be a show of agreement until his visit ended, while quietly admitting to each other that we didn't agree with his counsel. Sometimes a CO would come through who hated field service breaks, and we'd make an effort to take fewer or shorter breaks until his reassignment, and when the next CO turned out not to have a hate of field service breaks, we'd heave a sigh of relief and go back to the normal 20-30 minute mid-morning break. So the stupider stuff that came out of the COs' mouths tended not to be followed religiously. The semi-stupid stuff would be semi-followed. But it seems like COs were helpful for some of you in making you wake up, so I guess they can do some good after all!

  • LongHairGal

    Many of the ignorant statements and cliches mentioned here have been uttered by elders and other preachy types in the congregation.

    The one about getting to the new system "the underground way" is one that has gone viral the last decade since many of the JWs are getting up there in years or have passed away. Do I see another changed teaching on the horizon?

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