the dumbest thing a CO ever said

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  • stillin

    I had a CO once that tried to tell parents not to teach our kids that Jehovah was "up" in heaven. That's a pagan teaching

  • DuckBharma

    kurtbethel said "Actually, the preaching work does turn off people to the point that they don't want anything to do with Jehovah's little church."

    I suppose that's why they appear to have stopped door to door witnessing where I live (a semi-rural suburb of a large English city) but every time I go into the town centre they have a stall in front of the same abandoned shop. They used to leave it unattended but now there is at least one brother manning it dawn till dusk, guess it was subject to a prank or vandalism...

    grumblecakes said "a DO once said at pioneer school that genetic information is only passed thru the fathers side, women are only incubators, thus "scientifically" giving evidence of the headship arrangement. "whaa?!?!"

    Wow, I remember being told that as well!

  • prologos

    dumb or new light? todays closing talk by CO from outline: : "Keep eyes on things "above"" is this dum or deliberate? our government=governing body.

    Our government has medical plan. used to be, old light: no sickness, death in the millenium. new light? Spiritual paradis is a non- smoking zone. almost 8 000 000 and not one puff. shift from scriptures to wt policies? shift from "new world" promises to benefits now?

  • Finkelstein

    "if it wasn't for the preaching work there would be millions more witnesses" - he was saying Jehovah wants quality not quantity.

    Its just another self supporting stance notarizing that JWS are the only true and pure preachers among todays other Christian preachers.

    Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth, since JWs are preaching a false adulterated commercialized gospel, designed intensionally by

    the WTS publishing house, not the true gospel of the bible.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    The last circuit assembly I attended - the CO said some brothers were overly concerned about life and health insurance. Brothers, in the new system, we will all have perfect health and everlasting life.

  • james_woods

    I have posted it over and over - but one of our COs (now sadly deceased, name of Bennet) actually said in a Saturday Night special talk that the dinosaurs were put here by Jehovah to create petroleum.

    He actually thought that oil was squished dino guts.

    When I corrected him about this after the talk, he high-handed me by saying that the Sinclair Oil logo had a brontosaures prominently displayed.

    What greater logic could there possibly be?

  • designs

    Didn't Chevron have a TV commercial with a Dino dodging seismic waves.

    When I was made MS I missed the first school (snowed in a cabin) and the CO said there were no more schools in the area, I ran into him conducting the next school two weeks later

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Said one carsalesman to another, "we would sell a lot more of these cars if they weren't total sh!t on wheels."

  • wisdomfrombelow

    One CO said to me "Why don't you quit school, pioneer and become a circuit overseer like me"


    "Sued shoes should not be allowed on the platform."

    "Brothers that allow hair to cover even part of their ears are displaying homosexual tendencies."

    “It’s discussing for brothers to find other woman attractive after you have got married. My wife satisfies all my needs.”

    “I was in my twenties and married before I found out that homosexuals existed - and I was horrified.”

    “Children that won’t pay attention at meetings should be taken out the back and spanked.”

    "If you brothers think you will get through Armageddon by lying in bed on a Sunday morning you had better think again!"

    How did we survive all this nonesense and become normal?

    Hail Caesar!

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