the dumbest thing a CO ever said

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  • tiki

    sir82 - omg - i remember that flawed logic..........i was just a kid, but believed it.............everything that happened socially, culturally, economically was satan specifically directing things against the preaching work..............

    we had one dude that hated pets.....he spent a good while of his saturday nite talk going on and on about some poor widow sister who had a beloved dog who was dying and she opted to take the animal to the vet instead of going out with the group when he, the CO was visiting.................that was the ultimate put a dying animal ahead of service - and service with HIM to boot! all us animal lovers thenceforth never really trusted this guy. and all that time you spend cleaning litter boxes or fish tanks, well, so much better spent studying, meditating or in service.............such a waste to have to run home from the meeting to feed your cat. what a jerk.

  • Richard_I

    Not a CO, but Canadian DO Wayne Johnson said this from the platform during a circuit convention that's pretty dumb: "I don't expect this system to last another 6 months at the most." He said this a few years ago, wonder how he feels today.

  • hoser

    I remember wayne johnson

  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    "The New System will most likely come before the year 2000."

    This was said by a C.O. at a Circuit Assembly in the early 1990s after the Soviet Union fell. His last name was Cook...can't remember his first name.

  • tootired2care

    I kid you not! In pioneer school a CO in SOCAL around the 2003-2006 timeframe said that sisters that are on their period should sit in the back of the kindumb hall and let the brothers know so that they could be more understanding. I will gladly give you his name if you want.

  • NVR2L8

    I also remember Wayne Johnson...he gave me the impression that he was a bully. I believe he stepped down due to illness...prostrate cancer if I remember correctly.

  • puffthedragon

    Alanzo Hawkins. "If it weren't for the elders, all the kingdom halls would be brothels"

    "If a man is trying to persuade his wife into oral or anal sex, he is showing his true colors of homosexuality" he would cite examples of wife-swapping among elders or entire congregations being disfellowshipped and say, "If you love truth, love THAT". He was a very harsh brother that forced his own opinion on the elders, and many things changed right back the moment he was assigned to a new circuit. He found out we were paying a landscaping company to keep up the lawn and he was livid and made them void the contract and buy new equiptment (which was all stolen many many times. Cost more to keep buying new stuff then just pay to have the lawn mowed, plus they did ten times better but he didn't care.

  • Richard_I

    @NVR2L8: wayne johnson is still a D.O. as of 2011 when i last saw him, i assume he still is today. he's mid 70's to late 70's now though, and i also heard he either suffered a serious health issue or a severe mental breakdown, supposedly due to him being so serious or stressed (blood pressure maybe? stroke? i dunno). and yes he is a bully, ALL elders i knew were scared of him and knew that if he wanted to talk to somebody, that person was in trouble. sure is imitating christ's loving example, isn't he?

  • hoser

    The poster Scully had an issue with Wayne Johnson too.

    I remember him when he was a CO and I was just a kid so I didn't see him in action

  • hoser

    And the dumbest thing a CO ever said to me was " Do you watch porn and masturbate?" just out of the blue in the door to door work

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