the dumbest thing a CO ever said

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  • moshe

    CO's & DO's = Stupid is as stupid does- I don't bother to remember their dumb sh#t.

  • LisaRose

    We had a visiting brother, I don't think he was a CO, but he gave a talk on music. He went on and on about how evil the song "Mack the knife" was. This is a 60s song, the talk was in the 90s. I was embarrassed, my kids were laughing about it. It's a song about a killer, true, built it was meant as humor, not reality. It was so stupid, one of the things that woke me up.

  • jam

    Many dumb statements prior 1975.

    If Armageddon comes and you are sporting a

    mustache, you may be mistaken for a worldly person,

    angels can not read hearts. I was one of the few brothers

    that did not shave their mustache.

  • Afrikana

    DO at a circuit assembly a few years ago---

    You must not have get togethers on public holidays....reason....the neighbours might think that you are celebrating the said holiday ,never mind that it might be Idd ul Fitr or Independence Day. ........everyone ignored him. .... must not go out to dinner or have a special meal on the night of the Memorial....reason....if you have a special meal your mind will be on the chicken or stake you left in the oven

  • wannaexit

    Wayne Johnson- was so out of touch. He rubbed everyone the wrong way.

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