worn out ministerial servant!

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  • DarioKehl

    I love the name, El Guapo! 3 Amigos fan, here! lol

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    wow, Snakeface; what a dramatic "crash-and-burn" experience! Sounds like newbie El Guapo (welcome to the forum, by the way) can certainly relate to it!

  • cedars

    El_Guapo - What can I say? Been there, got that t-shirt. I do hope you come back to share your story.


  • El_Guapo

    Sorry, guys my browser on my phone didn't work. I've been an M.S. for 10 yrs and I am tired. I also am diabetic which means that when I'm feeling bad, I miss the meetings. The texts that I receive from the BOE is: Do you know you have service group on Sat? Are you ready for your public talk on Sun? Can you make another list for cong. assignments. NEVER do they ask how I am feeling, it's always to make sure I am taking care of my assignments. I LOVE this site, I've learned the truth about 607 BCE, the fact that Judas was at the last supper (see Luke's account) I enjoy reading Blondies comments about the WT study, Atlantis and his BOE letters. (I learned about the "new light" from this site, and most of the friends that I have talked to have no idea what I am taling about) LOL

    Thanks for the welcome.

  • leavingwt


    The WT is a works-based religion. Members are required to earn their salvation.

    As you continue to associate with JWs, be very careful. If you discuss anything even remotely "apostate", you will be scrutinized and easily find yourself in judicial trouble. Even asking honest questions of other JWs about doctrine can put you in hot water. Proceed with caution.

    Have you read any good apostate books?

  • Etude

    Welcome El_Guapo! Now that you have examined your situation, what do you want to do? Leave entirely? Stay in the congo and learn more about their deceptive ways? Document their hyporcracy? Start a new life? Whatever you do, we're here to support you.

  • tootired2care

    El_Guapo - a very warm welcome to you! Reading your experience really reminds me a lot of my own; I too was a worn out as MS. They will take everything from you that they can get away with until you start pushing back. They only really pretent to care about how your doing when you stop doing what they ask. Saying NO can give you a great feeling of empowerment. At the end of the day it's the elders job to make meetings and service work and not yours, just start saying NO without feeling guilt. You'll feel better and empowered. Best of luck to you on your journey to freedom.

  • snare&racket

    Take your shoes off, undo your tie, throw your ministry bag down, collapse into the cosy sofa and take in a deep breath, welcome to the log fire ;) x

    We are not the people who gave up, we are the people that opened up. Give it time and you can too mate.


  • Pterist

    Your invisible presence is all we need ;)

  • baltar447

    Dude just tell them you need to step aside because of your health. You've got the perfect intro to fade.

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