WT Admits It's Free For Them ... But Not For You

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  • designs

    Perry- oh my gawd not a Unitarian

    Unstop- nice threat, always comes down to nice threats doesn't it. Think about that.


    I like this Perry Guy!

  • unstopableravens

    design : what threat ? i gave you what i believe to be truth,no more than warning a person to not to drink bleach,design i am not threating you i am giving you what the bible teaches and yes it real, you can submit to his lordship now or see it later, i believe that just as much as you profess to believe in evolution,i can take evoulution as athreat as well but i dont. i even gave you a face.lol

  • Pterist

    Designs *** Thanks for your reply. The acceptance of the first century Jewish anointed (Christian) brethren that they seen in their own scriptures Amos 9:11, and the eye witness accounts of the work of the Holy Spirit among the gentiles (only after first right of refusal by Jewish brethern) shows that the aspirations of Israel would finally attain their goal of being a light and blessing to the world. This obviously came about with a lot of debate and struggle. However, Christ NOT only died to free us from our Adamic nature, but to bring ALL things together in Himslef, the things in the HEAVENS and the things in the EARTH. It produced a Spirit of tolerence and acceptance, because they ALL shared the One NEw Nature, the very life of Christ within and hence the embryo of a NEW Creation, New Heavens and New Earth awaiting fulfillment.

    Shalom friend.

  • designs

    unstop- Final Judgement if someone doesn't go along with your Holy book is very different than telling you that nature is nature.

    PT- nice sermon, are you sure you got all the talking points in your mini sermon. 'Right of refusal' see this was Paul's cleverness at work- make up a messiah who doesn't fill the jewish belief and then taunt them for not accepting what was considered an apostate idea to begin with...clever

  • unstopableravens

    nature is nature or creation is creation. if you keep up this attitude the only face you will get is. its ur choice

  • designs

    Crazy christians and afterlife rewards and punishments

    May Tinkerbell grant you your every wish.....

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    It's interesting that designs go-to is "sit down with a rabbi". How bout sit down with a Muslim to see why Christianity, judaism, and atheism are wrong. Sit down with a Hindu to find the same. Sit down with a Christian to find why the others are wrong. Just bc the Jews reject Jesus, that doesn't mean they are right. Just because an atheist says Christianity is wrong does not make them right. Designs does not even believe in the historical Paul, yet when it pleases him, he uses the argument that Paul made up a new religion. Sound a bit disingenuous?

  • blondie

    I remember when the WTS strongly differentiated as to what being "declared righteous" meant, that the anointed only were God's sons and the other sheep were only God's friends (to be adopted as "sons" after passing the "final test" after the 1,000 year reign). That was one disturbing teaching. Basically, the anointed would become instantly perfect upon resurrection as spirits to heaven....no 1,000 years to perfection for them. Instant perfection, imperfect one day, die, perfect the next instant...........

    *** w85 12/1 p. 18 pars. 19-20 Declared Righteous as a Friend of God ***

    Immediately after the Millennium, Christ will hand over to his Father a perfect human race. (1 Corinthians 15:28) “Satan will be let loose” for a decisive test of mankind. (Revelation 20:7, 8) The names of any who fail under test will not be “found written in the book of life.” They will symbolically be “hurled into the lake of fire,” which “means the second death.”—Revelation 20:15; 21:8.

    Those who prove loyal to Jehovah will have their names indelibly written in the “book of life,” as being perfect in integrity and worthy of the right to everlasting life on earth. Jehovah himself will then declare them righteous in the complete sense. (Romans 8:33) They will have been justified to life eternal. God will adopt them as his earthly sons, and they will enter into the promised “glorious freedom of the children of God.” (Romans 8:20, 21)

  • unstopableravens

    designs: on a serious note, i really do believe in the holy book, and whats inside is very hard to swallow, thats why i think joel osteen waters in down so much, that it sounds good to ppl,thats why he does not talk about sin and hell and wrath and judgement. i truly believe he does not care about ppls salvation. i will tell you the truth jesus is the only way bacause i do care about you and everyone else. you have the name design look at the design in nature. forget religion forget tradition, and see the marvels of creation. but u respect what ever choice you make,but im not trying to threatin you, im telling you what i know!

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