WT Admits It's Free For Them ... But Not For You

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  • prologos

    terry: good! its wt doublespeak to cover their misconception of christian identity and to put the 99.9% down (sounds like the GOP?)

    about abraham: I remember, but dont recall where, a statement by WTBTS: " we know of no scripture that indicates Abraham would ever have to take the emblems". (in the last 4 years.) That shows how limited by choice their knowledge or their acknowledgement is. here where wt is wrong:

    1) ALL of the Israel of God is IN the NEW COVENANT and has to take the emblems all 100% including the now restrained 99.9% of observers.

    2) of these, only the .1% (the spiritual super rich) get to rise to the top and stay there ( no new taxes on the super rich).

    3) off course abraham will have to take the emblems in the new system if he wants to get everlasting life. John 6.

    provided this (scriptures and all) is all valid. otherwise its just a better crossword puzzle, with buid in control mechanism.

  • designs

    PT- Think about this, you have bought into a cultural.religious distortion. Study christian history from a fresh perspective a Jewish one this time. Paul's argument and point of view are screwed up.

    'the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ'...........hmmm Paul knew about the death and raising of Tammuz, fit pretty nicely with his new religion, millions bought into it.

  • Perry
    This watchtower article reverses the basic truth on the ransom for ALL that Luther's reformation revealed and brings its followers back to the dark ages - Pterist

    Bingo! After Luther terrorized the Papacy and liberated millions from an illegal priesthood and sacradotal slavery to get God's love, the Papacy of the Watchtower has done the EXACT SAME THING just a few centuries later.

    THEY get the "FREE GIFT" of Gods love and justification and the rest have to work for the "Papacy" to even have a chance at it.

    It is high time for modern day "Luthers" to terrorize the Watchtower Papacy with the truth of God's word.

    Luther had the printing press that had just been invented ...... We have the internet.

    Bye, bye taskmasters.

    The link is a downloadable .pdf. You can save, copy and present or email to as many JW's as you like.

    I believe Luther would be proud.

  • designs

    Your assumption is based on a faulty premise Perry- that the first human was created by a god 6000 years ago and this human 'sinned'. With the natural world developing through evolution we are finally free from the terror of Christianity on civilization.

  • Pterist

    Designs *** Paul's argument and point of view are screwed up.****

    Such as....and how does it prove he started a new religion. .? Sorry I see specifics.

  • Pterist

    Designs ...Anyways, did you believe that the apostle Paul existed ? Otherwise we might as well be disussing Santa's new slay.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    This Watchtower falls under blasphemy, but who is the greater fool? Jesus said the the religious leaders made their disciples twice as worthy for Ghenna, why was that?

    Ask yourself, how does Jesus view these doctrines where the Watchtower strips him of his authority, and take's away the "free gift of God" away from those hungering for it?

  • designs

    PT- Let me quote a Protestant scholar on one point: A. Powell Davies wrote in The First Christian- 'Nor is it in the least rue, as is often thoughtlessly assumed, that the Church was somehow founded upon the New Testament...We might put in that instead of the New Testament producing the Church, the Church produced the New Testament'. See how he challenges the order of conventional thought. Paul describes a Judaism that is imaginary (but the Gentile world bought it hook line and sinker as real) he then takes the nominclature New Covenant term and stripes it away from the Jews and gives it to the Christians and then tells the Jews come on over to this new side and God will approve of you again.

    Paul's argument is that the Torah is no longer binding for Christians (although it started out as a Jewish sect and followers kept the Torah), since, the truths and revelations of Jesus superceded them in spiritual authority. History shows Paul was wrong, the Jewish faith and the Torah have survived all attempts by the Christians to wipe them out. Paul's argument is that there is Adamic sin, Jews do not believe in Adamic sin or a Messiah who addresses Adamic sin; Paul invents the whole scenario.

    The Gospels and Romans are as one Jewish scholar wrote- 'so encrusted with non-Jewish elements- with the magical, the demonological, and the miraculous that it would constitute almost a miracle in itself to seperate the objective historical fact from the folk legend'. This was a well calculated campaign to 'de-Judaize christianity'.

  • Perry

    "Unity is more likely, says Unitarianism, in the absence of a creed than with one. For look at the divisions of Christendom!" - A. Powell Davies


    Your protestant "scholar" was an unsaved Unitarian Liberal who preached that the world should appease Hitler after his invasion of Czechslovakia. The quote above sounds just like an anonmyous WT writer ranting on "christendom", lumping everyone together. Sound familiar? Does it have the "ring of truth" like the WT did?

    He didn't believe that "God was manifest in the flesh". Jesus forgave sins; only God can forgive sins.

    And just look at the wonderful condition of the Unitarian Church today with their "absence of creed". It is utterly over run with sodomites. Likewise, Pope Leo x had young boys popping out of cakes at parties for him.

    Bad doctrine = bad religion

    Sound doctrine is easily distilled from scripture, which is what this thread is about. To cite Mr. Davies as anything near an orthodox christian authority is neither orthodox nor authoratative. Please stop trolling for goodness sakes.


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  • unstopableravens

    designs :the look on your avator is going to be the look on your face, when you see the son of man coming on the clouds(matthew 24:29-31)(rev 1:7) and i didn't quote paul for you.and yes you will have to confess jesus is lord to the glory of god the father.(sorry i had to use paul) but its a quote from isaish,so im sure you should be cool with that. ooh yeah let me find a face just for you lolevrey tongue saying jesus is lord is something to celebrite!

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