Anyone know of any effective but simple diets/diet tips? Weight gain after giving up smoking!

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  • BroMac

    there are a few sisters in my congregation who go to weightwatchers. they go for the weigh in and celebrate losing half a pound by going to the chippy on the way home

  • Lozhasleft

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to offer your advice and tips. Thetis and SkyGreen I have replied to your PMs.

    Captain Obvious I did explain my issues with strenuous exercise earlier in the thread re health problems, but I am going to go back to swimming which is gentle enough to have no ill effects.

    As I've said (lol) I realise people don't read the whole thread before posting, but I've downloaded MyFitnessPal to sort out my calorie intake daily, thanks to Amelia's info yesterday, and I've decided, with hubby, to go for the ADF. Many thanks to OldLight for posting the link to the video. It isn't a diet actually, more a lifestyle change, which is exacly what I need. I am now on Day 2 and have just had a lovely calorie counted breakfast of grilled bacon and poached egg with black decaff coffee!

    There are so many good tips and ideas that have been proven to help on the thread now and I'm going to bear them all in mind as I carry on. I hope this thread might help others who are battling their weight too!

    I will keep this updated and hopefully be able to record progress.

    You have all helped to motivate me so much and I really appreciate it.

    Loz x

  • AGuest
    If only we ALL were in a position to give advice!

    The only way to know if anyone IS in such a position would be for everyone to post their weight... and how long they've been such... right, dear CO? And anyone "overweight" (which is what?) would automatically be disqualified, even if they lost weight using their method before (because they were unable to maintain it).

    I think the thing is that there are a LOT of ways to LOSE weight. Not as many, though, to keep it off. And the real challenge is maintaining weight loss. Diets don't work. Because what when you come to the end of it? "The 2-week grapefruit cleanse! You'll lose 20 pounds in TWO weeks!" Okay. But what happens in, say, week 6? So, it has to be something that can be maintained over the long-haul. In that light, lifestyle change, with emphasis on diet change (HOW you eat, as well as, if not WHAT you eat) is really the only thing that truly works.

    But, heck, what do any of us here know? Nothing other than what we think on the matter... unless we've actually had success. Given that this is a discussion board, what folks think should be totally okay, though. I mean, dear Loz (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!) isn't dense (her comments show that!). So she'll take all that's been offered, process it, and find what works best for HER. Most of us only posted what we knew worked best for US or someone we know.

    A slave of Christ,


  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I lost 20 lbs since march by playing soccer 3 times a week and cutting down on carbs

    I would eat chicken and broccoli, chicken and brussle sprouts. I gained the 20lbs recovering from

    an injury, torn rotator cuff. I lost the 20lbs at 60 years old. I dont eat after dinner which is

    usually 4 to 5 pm. I drink beer 2 bottles at a time twice a week. I eat pizza once a week and steak

    or prime rib once a week.

    When I wake up I eat an apple and bannana and green tea. For lunch I eat 10 grapes and half a

    cup of cottage cheese. For dinner I eat protein and vegies. One or 2 days a week I eat vegeterian.

    My eating regime is from a book called "Fit for life" by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

    You cleanse in the morning with fruit or juice and you dont combine protein and starch.

    I know you say exercise is hard for you. My wife says the same thing and she lost 30 lbs also since May

    she is on hormone replacement therapy. I dont know how old you are. My wifes sister lost at least

    30 lbs also and she is 50 with hormone replacement therapy

  • skeeter1

    Be careful with GNC vitamin and other brands too. Beware of "energy enhancers" and the like. Alot of times, it's packed with caffeine (a few cups of coffee). Caffeine can come from roots, and many other plants other then coffee. This is how they sneak it in there.

    A great documentary on how we eaat is "Forks Over Knives"

    Swimming is great. I know a nutritionist who swim every day for an hour. She has absolutely no weight problem. But, watch out if you swim in cold water. It enhances your food cravings. Get your core body temperature up as soon as possible afterwards, even if it's just a hot shower.

  • LV101

    Some great advice here --- I'd attended a Weight Watcher meeting w/my friend out of town about a yr. ago. I'm within my weight range but was amazed at what I was hearing. Weight Watchers claim to have the researchers, yada, yada and here goes --- like someone above mentioned (Black Sheep) a calorie is not a calorie and they really have the points hiked up (1/4 cup of brown rice was 4 POINTS!) on complex carbos even though they encourage you to eat them. Noticed the leader was advising people to eat protein snacks and asking the group what are ways one can eat the protein snacks. She didn't like the yogurt answer unless it was a Greek yogurt.

    This really discouraged me because I don't think all that high protein is particularly good for one --- moderation ok -- what do I know! None of their literature indicates protein loading. The woman told me if I wanted to go to the very lowest end and a safe couple under of the scale (those three lbs. that drive one nuts) I would have to give up bread product and I would never lose it until I do and that Atkins would roll over in his grave if he knew what they've agreed with now (she mentioned this in front of the entire class about Atkins and I couldn't believe -- well, I think she was being presumptuous about the new program. Anyway, I tried for a couple of days not changing my carbos and I lost but can't maintain at the lb. or two below that low but feels good.

    Jus sayin ---


  • maisha
  • happytobefree

    Read the book , Eat to Live by Joel Furhman. This is a great way to lose alot of weight and help with many health issues. I've been adopting most of the methods in the book and have lost 15 lbs (5 weeks) and lowered by blood pressure significantly.

    He is actually on Dr. Oz today...check it out if you can.

  • yknot

    Simplest... drink 4-6oz cold water each at the begginning of each hour.

    If you need a stronger appetite suppressant you can order konjac root (main ingredient from most diet pills) from sites like puritan's pride..... it works but when I tried them I was never hungry and a person needs to eat or their body eats muscle. Work in more legumes into your diet and maybe consider researching 'slow carb' diet with weekends off for calorie cycling.

    I also think short burst of exercise should be considered!

    Bosu ball is low impact and excellent for abs.

    Maybe check out Jane Fonda's new yoga looked promising and she has an amazing figure!

    So proud of you for choosing a healthier living!!!


  • LV101

    Eat to Live is a great book and I've had it for at least five yrs. and have tried eating that way at least a thousand times. It's healthy but all those carbs make me sugary and I have to eat protein like in chicken, etc. I don't want to eat meat (don't even like it unless it's barbequed, fried, etc.) and didn't for many yrs. of my life so maybe it's my body forcing me to. It's rigid -- oh, just remembered you can have tofu and I need to try using tofu instead of meat and see how that works out. Never could find the fatfree, tofu, yogurt he allows.

    Glad you brought this book up.

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