Anyone know of any effective but simple diets/diet tips? Weight gain after giving up smoking!

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  • Lozhasleft

    Just an update for those interested, first week has gone well and the scales say I've lost 5lbs. Considering we had a wedding and a Christmas party I feel that's pretty good. We are coping well with our 'fast' days of 400 cals too. Hubby has bought me an almost new 'toning' exercise machine from eBay which makes me wobble lol, but doesn't so far seem to be affecting my fatigue issues. MyFitnessPal app is proving to be superb for watching the calories and monitoring progress. Feeling very positive......

    Loz x

  • chrisjoel

    AS A MATTER OF FACT, I DO AND ITS THE CURE FOR OBESITY as far as im concerned as many doctors as well.

    I was at work one day, and my partner nudged me and said , Hey, look at him, pointing to a previously very fat person who only 30 days ago was 45 pounds heavier. So i called him over and asked him, what happened? You were fat now your thin, what happened whats your secret? He wrote 3 letters on a piece of paper HCG. He said he took drops 3 times a day and it so killed his hunger he was able to eat a very low calorie diet of 500 calories

    an apple or grapefruit or handful of strawberries in morning.

    4oz of meat with 2 cups of a specific veggy for lunch and dinner...all the water and coffee tea he could drink and the pds MELTED OFF.

    So i tried it after researching it.....and..... I weighed 292 on OCTOBER 27. On Dec 6th I was 257!!! No side effects in any way shape or form. My girlfriend was 205, had thyroid issues, high blood pressure 200 over 110, and was taking her shots for diabetes. She went from 205 to 167 pounds in our first round of drops. She goes to her family doctor every friday to monitor this diet and the doctor is BESIDE HIMSELF. her bp is 120 over 80, she is off one of her bp pills and her thyroid pills are being reduced.....DAMN miracle.

    I loaded up on FAT for 2 days which meant eating like a pig while taking the drops then transitioning to a VLCD daily for the next 40 days.

    The best diet i ever did! PERIOD.

    THere are 3 kinds of hcg. The first s the hormone hcg prescribed by your family doctor.

    Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin is a hormone made in abundance by pregnant women to supplant food to the fetus...from a womans fat stores hcg sends a signal to the hypothalamus to open up abnormal fat cells to release energy so the baby can eat.....This hcg is used by clinics all over the united states, OFF LABEL, because the FDA approved it only for fertility. However there are a TON of doctors using it to help ppl with obesity.

    The second is homeopathic hcg....which is the hormone diluted. Its drops that i used successfully. Apparently the FDA banned homeopathic HCG 2 yrs ago as there were a lot of fraudulent companies taking advangtage and selling ppl plain water in a bottle.

    The third is Hormone Free hcg, which isnt really hcg at all, but amino acids designed to work like the real thing but which amounts to only appettie suppressants....but..amazingly strong appetite suppressant!

    I live in canada so I was able to aquire homeopathic hcg from a nurse that works in a local hospital, that someone in the states brings into canada, for myself and my girfriend as well as hormone free hcg.

    I found out that a certain doctor Dr. Simeon an endocrinologitst had been investigating obesity in the 50s and when they injected HCG into fat male boys,for underdevelped sex organs, they suddenly lost inches from their waist lines and other health benefits emerged. Apparently for the last 60 yrs or so this has been successfully used as well as ridiculed by doctors.

    THE CRITICS...People and doctors like the Mayo Clinic are following the FDA line of reasoning and saying this amounts to a placebo, its a crock and doesnt work. The human body cannot survive on a semi starvation mode of 500 calories. You will get cancer on hcg . It causes cancer in men ..blah blah blah....HOGWASH. PURE HOGWASH.

    THere are 13 studies and unpublished studies that show that hcg is amazingly effective. The state of NEVADA approved hcg for weigh loss after everyone there went out of state to acquire it. THe amount of HCG taken is so mininmal it only nudges or wakes up the hypothalamus. There have been some that have lost hair when taking hcg or have sensitive breast areas but by and large pretty much no side effects. We all have a tiny amount of hcg in our cells already. Dr Oz commented that this needs to be studied more but stopped short of recommending it.

    All i can tell you is that I watched person after person after person own testimonials on You tube. After watching all these ppl do it on you tube I took the plunge since i saw it first hand myself from the guy that came into my work.

    IT WORKS. PERIOD. The weight stays OFF if you follow the protoco.. THERE are thousands of ppl doing this and a forum on line to support you . hcg diet info . com or someting like that.....dont knock it til you try it.

    Im am 257 now going on a Carribean cruise in january but starting my second round thereafter and hope to be 205 by Feb or march! Totally happy...Oh yeah, and I didnt even exercise the whole time..once in a while i forced myself to walk ....

  • cofty

    I was able to aquire homeopathic hcg

    Yep consuming tiny amounts of expensive pure water will make the fat just disappear - that was sarcasm by the way.

    there were a lot of fraudulent companies taking advangtage and selling ppl plain water in a bottle.

    All homeopathic preparations are precisely this.

    It is 100% palcebo that enables people to tolerate a dangerously low calorie diet.

  • Phizzy

    Thanks Cofty for your sage advice on here, I really need to motivate myself to do more exercise, I could hardly do less, I call Mrs Phizzy to come across the room to press the TV remote for me !

    I need to improve my diet too, drop off a few calories, and eat more fruit and veg, both things I am not fond of.

    If I succeed, I will post on here and let you know, if I go quiet, you will know that Phizzy has exploded like Mr Creosote in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life".

  • cofty

    I call Mrs Phizzy to come across the room to press the TV remote for me !

    Oh dear! Walking is a good way to get going. 30 minutes of brisk walking will burn about 150 calories and can make a big difference in the long run if you combine it with a bit of calorie control.

    I put a little bit of weight on after my operation last year so I'm currently eating a calorie deficit of 500 per day which adds up to a loss of 1lb per week. Gently does it!

  • Finkelstein

    If I may add some advise is to go for a walk every day, preferably in a park where there is fresh clean air and a nice environment .

    For dinner have a salad as your main course with various condiments such as a variety of nuts, different vegetables.

    Easy on the salad dressings though they can be heavy on the calories.

    Sprinkle on some egg whites for protein or small chunks of chicken or turkey breast.

    Fish like tuna or salmon can be added as to balance the meal out.

    Shredded carrots can add bulk and fiber to the salad to add a sense of fullness.

    "Fit for life" by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

    As it was mentioned previously, it is a good book to read and makes a lot of sense upon reading it.

    I have practiced their suggestions and guidance and have seen positive results.



  • whathappened

    Just like Chrisjoel, I did hcg also. The best part is you are truly not hungry and I lost 11 lbs in a month. This is less than most people but I am petite and very inactive. The only drawback to hcg is you can get very tired of the very limited food items that are allowed and you need to have the support of your family, as you absolutely cannot break your diet. It did truly seem to reset my metabolism and I felt great while on the diet. The fat also comes off your trouble spots also, just like they promise it will, giving you maximum pay off. I would do it again if I needed to.

  • lohengren

    I'm down 62lbs in 5 months (268 - 206) after switching to a low carb Ketogenic diet.

    It's honestly been incredibly easy, I didn't increase my physical activity at all. And my appetite has decreased dramatically.

    As someone who has always been fat, it has completely changed my life.

  • treadnh2o

    Not the healthiest way (or safest) but definitely the easiest and quickest.

    Google "ECA Stack"

    I have dropped 40 lbs in 3 months twice in my life using this and do it three weeks a year prior to beach season.

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