Anyone know of any effective but simple diets/diet tips? Weight gain after giving up smoking!

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  • Lozhasleft

    Minimus I think that product is for men?

    Loz x

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Then she is not counting calories honestly - 500 calories a day is dangerous and puts the body into starvation mode where it will hold on to fat at all costs. It is a good way to make yourself very ill.

    She didn't drop to 500 calories Cofty. "A calorie counter I knew turned vegan, dropped her calorie intake about 500 calories a day"

    Also note that you do recognise that the body can go into starvation mode. How does it do this? It wouldn't happen to be by dropping it's basal metabolic rate to conserve energy would it? If it is, then it's not only about calories in v calories out and doing anything that drops your basal metabolic rate will be counter-productive if you're trying to lose weight.

  • PrincessPeachz

    Cofty nailed it on head. Calories in < calories burnt, doesn't matter where they come from, but healthier for you in the long run to go low GI and vegies+fruit+meat, the less processed food the better. Be patient, it won't happen overnight. Maybe try and find a friend to do it with so you have support and accountability to someone if that helps? And yeah, don't beat yourself up if you don't follow any eating plan perfectly, have a treat day weekly/fortnightly and eat/drink what you love.

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    i dunno if anyone has said this, but an intense swim is a great workout.

  • minimus

    It can be used by men and women.

  • Lozhasleft

    I've just almost completed my first day of the (400 cal) fast, as I said earlier I've decided to go with the alternate fasting, 5 days normal eating but only on 1500 cal max and 2 days a week of the fast. Actually, Ratherbeinhades swimming is something I can do, it's gentle enough so I'll schedule that too. It's good that hubby and I have decided to crack this together, will help a lot.

    Loz x

  • cofty

    black sheep - if you are genuinely interested here is a paper you can read on the subject

    Effect of starvation and very low calorie diets on protein-energy interrelationships in lean and obese subjects...

    Yes your BMP will be changed by starvation diets but it depends on a number of factors. The starting weight of the individual for example and the duration of the low calorie intake.

    Fat will still be lost in most cases but the body will also catabilise lean muscle fibre.

    I'm not sure what your point is to be honest.

    For all practical purposes its still "calories in v calories out" and the solution to overweight is "eat less - move more".

  • perfect1

    Loz, I just watched the movie, Fat, Sick and nearly dead.

    It is so good!

    You should check it out.

    Its about juicing.

  • Hortensia

    wow, lots of interesting comments. I want to weigh in here, too (pun!) I have been on every diet known to man, I think. I made a list of them once and it was quite long. However, I successfully lost 150 pounds a few years ago so I think I can speak to the issue.

    No matter what the cause of overweight is, the solution is to eat less and move more as Cofty said. I succeeded this last time because I did NOT go on a diet. Instead I developed a few rules for myself and stuck to them:

    1. Write down everything you eat every day. Keeps you honest and also makes you face your bad habits. This is one of the most important rules.

    2. A little math helps. A completely idle person still needs to eat about 10 calories per pound of body weight to maintain the current weight. So for instance if you weigh 200 pounds, do no exercise and eat about 2000 calories a day, you will never lose weight. If you eat more than 2000 calories a day, you will keep gaining weight. This is a rule of thumb, active people need proportionally more calories to maintain weight. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you can lose weight if you reduce the calorie intake. Reduce it 500 calories a day by eat about 250 calories less, and exercising about 250 calories more. Lots of websites will give you information about how many calories each type of activity will burn. That's all relative, too. The less fit you are, the less exercise you need to do to make a change. As you become more fit, you need to exercise more (longer and with more intensity), but you'll be able to do it because you're more fit!

    3. I always look at the time when I eat, and once I'm done I don't eat again for four hours.

    4. I don't trust myself to portion food correctly. I look up the correct portions for food, and I measure everything. So, if a portion is 1/2 cup, I make sure that's all I get.

    5. I try to eat fruit and veggies in several different colors each day.

    6. I prepare most of my own food, I don't usually eat things that come in a box or a bag or a can or a jar -- except for Trader Joe's Tomato Basil pasta sauce.

    7. I try to never go grocery shopping hungry. If you're full when you buy groceries, you buy less and you choose better foods.

    This worked for me. I hope it gives you some ideas. Also, it's very very important to reduce stress in your life. Read up about the hormones that cause the fight/flight/freeze reactions to stress. The hormone that makes you fat is the one that produces the freeze response to stress, a state of hopelessness about being able to change anything.

  • Lozhasleft

    Thanks everyone for posting, I've made some decisions that I'm hoping I will be able to incorporate into regular lifestyle. Details are on the thread earlier.

    Loz x

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