Anyone know of any effective but simple diets/diet tips? Weight gain after giving up smoking!

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  • jookbeard

    I believe there is a lot of inaccurate information in regards to eating potatoes, OK fries and mash are out fair enough, but boiled(new) potatoes in a small amount of salt in the skins are surely some of the lowest calories of any carbs available, same bread , surely small amounts less butter of whole meal brown bread are an excellent source of carbs and goodness in a healthy eating lifestyle?

  • cofty

    The diet industry make millions of dollars from confusing people with bad science.

    In terms of weight loss your body doesn't mind if you eat carrots of chocolate bars. Its all about total calories consumed v calories burned.

    Here is the proviso - Some foods raise your blood sugar level quickly. Your body then releases insulin to combat this and your blood sugar dips again. You feel hungry again - rinse and repeat.

    This applies to simple sugars such as you will find in sweets - they are called "high glycemic index" foods. It is best to seriously reduce these.

    "low glycemic index" foods release energy slowly and won't peak your blood sugar levels. Complex carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes, oats etc are low GI. There are other factors that effect the GI of food such as combinations so its best to check an oline reference.

    Its all about calories in v calories out.

    Separate to the question of weight loss is your overall health. It is important to maintain a varied diet with a good balance of protein, carbs, fats and vitamins etc.

    There are fad diets that will help you lose weight but in a years time you will be thankful you decided to go for a simple and gradual adjustment in your long term eating habits.

  • cofty

    Loz doesn't have an ambition to be a sumo wrestler. - black sheep

    Obviously. Complex carbs are helpful in weight loss for the reasons I explained above.

    Why would you advise somebody to avoid them?

  • unstopableravens

    if you want to lose wieght in a safe manner check out oxy pro elite you can get it at gnc. great stuff do research on it. it worked well for me.

  • cofty

    check out oxy pro elite - unstop

    Here is a review of the product from

    First of all, the stimulant element can be a bad thing and those who aren't used to large amounts of caffeine or are very sensitive to it might find they get jitters, headaches, nervousness and insomnia (though there is less caffeine in OxyELITE than many other fat burners). At the same time stimulants are addictive and so it's very important to avoid using them too regularly or you can experience downers and withdrawal symptoms – over time you may consider increasing your dosage which can bring it to dangerous levels. It is also not a good idea for those with heart problems.

    Something that might set off alarm bells for guys meanwhile is that in 1% of users erectile dysfunction can be a side effect. This is because it is a 'vasoconstrictor' meaning that it shrinks the blood vessels making it harder for blood to get to where it is needed. Along with the increased heart rate which can place strain on the body, vasoconstriction can narrow the blood vessels thereby increasing blood pressure and the combination can make you more likely to suffer heart attack or stroke. This is especially dangerous when coupled with exercise.

    Sweating is another side effect of OxyELITE and this can be embarrassing in social situations as well as generally unpleasant. For women these cold sweats can be accompanied by hot flashes.

    Being in a constant state of 'arousal' is also not good for the body in general. This will cause you to burn fat yes, but it is also akin to being constantly under stress. It can place great strain on your adrenal glands, but also on your energy levels and your immune system and leave you more prone to diseases and tiredness.

    Losing weight so rapidly is also not highly recommended. If you lose weight at a faster rate than is natural for your body, then this will cause you to put it back on quickly when you stop using the OxyELITE as eating the same amount now will cause you to pile on more weight – and you won't have the appetite suppression to help you either. Fluctuating your weight like this then is unhealthy in itself and can again place further strain on the heart.

    If you are interested in long-term weight control don't take short cuts.

    Stopping smoking does not cause weight gain. You have replaced cigarettes which contain zero calories with snacks that contain loads. The health benefits will be worth it.

    Good luck.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Why would you advise somebody to avoid them?

    Because it's simple and it works. Loz wanted effective and simple.

    We are talking to someone who is overwieght, not maintaining... and in case you weren't listening, I never suggested abstinence. 'Cheating' is a weekly part of my recommendation.

  • cofty

    We are talking to someone who is overwieght, not maintaining

    Yes which is why I described how to lose weight in a simple common sense way.

    Stop eating bread & tatties - get rid of the high density carbs; bread, spuds etc..

    Sorry but this is counter productive.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I am currently losing weight using only a free phone app called fitness pal. You log everything you eat and it calculated my maximum calorie intake for weight loss to be a maximum 1200 calories a day.

    I have lost 3 stone so far and do not feel I am on a diet cos nothing is off limits and sometimes I go over but start again the next day so it's no biggie.

    When you have finished logging for the day it automatically calculates your weight loss or gain in 5 weeks time if you ate the same as you did that day, every day. That is in itself extremely motivating.

    It works for me as logging my intake on the phone is easy and makes me conscious of what I am eating and as you get into it you find yourself naturally making different choices to reduce the calorie intake and maximise weight loss.

    All 4 major supermarket food is listed, Starbucks, fast food like KFC so you can still have it as the calories are listed and you dont have to work anything out and there is no weighing of food involved. It might mean a Macdonalds is 1000 calories but just be careful the rest of the day and you still lose the weight.

    Good Luck :D

  • cofty

    Amelia - That sounds like an excellent app.

    1200 is quite low but it depends on your size and daily activity.

    do not feel I am on a diet cos nothing is off limits

    This is the key!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Sorry but this is counter productive.

    I was talking to a friend on the weekend who had gone from overweight to trim.

    Me, "What happened?"

    He, "Cut out the carbs!"

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