JW tour bus crashes in Florida, with fatalities-

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  • Ding

    Very sad situation.

    I wonder if the driver didn't realize how much clearance he needed or if he was so busy trying to figure out where he was that he didn't pay attendtion to the clearance warning signs.

  • tornapart

    I feel so sad when i read of something like this. I also feel very sad when I hear some say that basically other JWs have no heart or compassion when things like this happen. When I suffered a personal tragedy several years ago I had wonderful support. Congregations are made up of human beings who are quite capable of showing love, sympathy and compassion as in any other community. My heart goes out to these families.

  • Balaamsass

    Sorry for your loss Puff, and to any of the other families affected.

    Lots of unanswered questions. I was brought up on "Where two or more are gathered" belief. Stories of JWs "protected", the "invisible man" protecting the pioneer sister. During the Japanese Sunamai a local Circuit Overseer was stating from the platform that JWs survived because they had gone inland "out in service" and had been protected.

    Events like these have always occured, but untill the internet and JWN were not well known by JWs.

    Todays AP story goes on to mention about possibly more deaths because of the blood stance.

  • moshe

    This accident could have been prevented-How? The technology exists to allow convention programs to be video simulcast on the Internet. The KH could set up a 50-60" TV and anyone could even watch it at home on their own computer whenever it was convenient- like a couple hours at a time.. However, they haven't figured out how to get contributions by remote control, yet.

  • puffthedragon

    Yeah moshe, we should never ever leave our homes. We shouldn't go out to eat because delivery exists. We shouldn't go to stores because we have online shopping. We shouldn't go out to theaters because we have pay-per-view.


  • Iamallcool

    moshe, it is healthy to get out of the house at times.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Prayers with these poor victims, how sad!

  • ziddina
    "Where do you come up with this heartless bullshit? I am disgusted in these lies and heartless comments by almost half of the people who have commented on this post.
    I spoke with an elder in this congregation, and one of the first things he said was please pray for our families.
    My mind is literally spinning at the comments on this thread. Any active JW that has doubts that comes and reads this thread is going to run back to the org and believe that what the org says about "apostates" is true.
    Have some decency. Stop making up lies." Puff the dragon, page #2

    Puff, the original question was posted by NeverKnew - who is NOT a Jehovah's Witness:

    "Over the last few months, when I see news of JW tragedies I find the original webpages and send them to my JW friends suggesting we ALL say some prayers for the victim's families and congregations. I e-mailed this tragedy. A few minutes later, this was the response I got:
    "Do you happen to have anything encouraging to share? That would be good also."
    I'm baffled. A couple of weeks ago I got "we mainly provide charity only to those within the organization and the Bible says this is okay" speech, but now I'm getting a "don't tell me anything unencouraging about JWs" blast.... HUH?
    Is it not appropriate to pray for the families? Could someone help me understand the thought process/mindset of this?" NeverKnew, page #2

    Now, what do you think the response of ANY active Jehovah's Witness would be, to a WORLDLY person asking if they could "pray together" - WITHOUT his being a "bible study", and WITHOUT his being in a JW-controlled environment?

    Think of it this way - what if a Catholic priest or Baptist minister asked if they could "pray together" with Jehovah's Witness elders for those victimized by this tragedy?

    Then re-think your comment about "lies".

  • fakesmile

    with the respect to puff and his friends, zid is right on as usual. what if it were a bus full of teens heading to "pentecostal revival"? how many would be prayed for by a witness? that happened with a small charter plane recently. i dont think it was even mentioned here.

  • ziddina

    Thanks, fakesmile...

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