JW tour bus crashes in Florida, with fatalities-

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  • NeverKnew

    What the.... Thanks Zid. Reminder - I'm a "worldly"...

    Are you telling me that JWs don't pray for other JWs unless they're at a service-related function? What... do you need approval from an elder as to whether one deserves thought and/or consideration?

  • james_woods

    There are a number of questions to be answered here - without any disregard or disrespect for those who were affected:

    Was this a legitimate tour group - fully qualified and fully licensed? Insured?

    Was it contracted by a witness group?

    What were they doing at the airport with people already on the bus?

    Etc. etc. etc.

    I hope that this story is not just lost by the media until there are some answers to this tragedy.

  • NeverKnew

    So if, Pterist was an active JW, did s/he just go against God since the plea was done in absentia? Or would the grace of EE's presence be enough...

    This is just so much....

  • Refriedtruth

    Read some of the subject lines in the news articles.

    The WBTS spinners are already turning this tragedy into a memorial info-commercial like they did with the recent murdered sister.

  • puffthedragon

    "Praying" for the families - if not in an officially-sanctioned setting - would be considered "running ahead" at the very least.

    Where do you come up with this heartless bullshit? I am disgusted in these lies and heartless comments by almost half of the people who have commented on this post.

    I spoke with an elder in this congregation, and one of the first things he said was please pray for our families.

    My mind is literally spinning at the comments on this thread. Any active JW that has doubts that comes and reads this thread is going to run back to the org and believe that what the org says about "apostates" is true.

    Have some decency. Stop making up lies.

  • elderelite

    Im sorry if you knew some folks involved puff. My remarks arnt meant to lessen grief or minimize the tradgedy personally.

  • puffthedragon

    Thanks EE, I realize that.

  • John_Mann

    I always heard a lot of stories about JW's missing the meetings and something bad happened to them in the same time they were supposed to be in the meetings.

    And what about when something bad happen b/c you're going to a meeting?

    This could be a very poor planned/managed caravan made by local JW's. I was in a lot of them. Where the hell was the "co-pilot" who did not see the road signs and the very effing overpass?

  • steve2

    It's a personal judgement call regarding how much opinion we share when something like this happens. Thank goodness - and not the driver's skill set - that it is not a common event.

    In my response, I am partially guided by the JWs own insensitivity when they hear abuot misfortune striking others, including other JWs who may suffer tragedies when they should have been at meetings.

    Indeed, over the years, the Watchtower's own official view has been to promote the literal protective value of going to meetings and conventions. I was raised on a diet of being careful not to miss meetings because if you do, don't come running to us if something bad happens when you miss meetings!

    Now we are greeted with the extremely sad news of this unnecessary carnage enroute to a JW convention, with at least two deaths of JWs.

    I apologize if I come across as insensitive. I excuse some of my insensitivity on the basis of my being raised in a religion that promoted this very kind of judgemental literalistic thinking.

    The remainder of my insensitivity I take full responsibility for. At the same time I genuinely feel for the individuals who are going through the after effects of this crash, including JWs themselves.


    While the sheep suffer, the WTBTS will spin this to bring in extra revenue at the assembly.

    -BONEZZ (Where's my avitar?)

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