Jehovah's Witnesses dismayed by new magazine format from Watchtower Society.

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  • Balaamsass

    Wow. I was surprised this week by calls from active JWs complaining about the new magazine format, and more begging for money from the platform.

    Frankly I was surprized by this reaction since this is old news to JWN members. I guess actually shuffling to the bookroom and grabbing the new "Awake tracts" minus the inside cover FORWARD ...AWAKENED many sleepy, catatonic, bored JWS who never read the things or go on the internet anyway.

    Any feedback from other areas?

  • MrFreeze

    Where are you hearing the rumblings? I haven't heard anything, then again I don't talk to JW's anymore.

  • MrFreeze

    Also, I'm trying to do a search but I can't find anything, what exactly did they change with the Awake magazine?

  • Balaamsass

    Telephone calls. People were picking up mags at the meeting.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    We always loved to see the improvements in the magazines...what a hype when they went full color! All the JWs were SO proud to carry them door to door, so maybe the downsize and formats seem like a cop out to them now, a shameful thing rather than the opposite.

    Perhaps as well, with the demonization of the internet well planted in their minds, being told to go to the internet for more information might also be seen as a cop out...

    I hope so anyway!


  • Chariklo

    I think you have a good point there, Aussie Oz.

    The JW's I knew had all been thoroughly brainwashed into avoiding the Big Bad Internet.

    I'm not on those sort of conversational terms these days, but I can imagine that some individuals must be experiencing cognitive dissonance at the minute, which will be uncomfortable for them, but since they are also brainwashed into "knowing" that whatever Uncle GB says is New Light straight down the airwaves froom Jehovah, it won't be long before they're obeying that too.

    Obedient sheep just follow, after all, straight over the cliff's edge.

  • Splash

    Interesting side note:

    It was the UK Bittacy Hill team who made the calculation that 16 page magazines would save 47% in costs. They must have made a great case for it, for NY to adopt it worldwide so quickly!

    BTW, when did they drop stapling the magazines together in favour of glueing them?


  • Satanus

    Since a lot of jws didn't read the rags anyway, they have just tailored them for those dubs.


  • alanv

    All I know is that it is so much easier being a JW these days than 30 years ago.

    Less time spent at the meetings, less time spent as a pioneer, half size magazines (so much less to read,) No Friday night at the circuit assembly, 3 days at the district assembly instead of four. Hey maybe I shouild rejoin. Only joking lol

  • ohiocowboy

    Those poor people were Spiritually starving before, but now with all of the changes, they are in all out famine mode. When I was in, all they talked about was the spiritual feast that they were enjoying, now there isn't even any meat left on the bone. It's all dried up. They are now weakened souls who will follow any directive from "Mother" in the hopes of finally being satisfied, only to find that they are still hungry.

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