SAD news about OOMPA......

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  • Vidiot

    I gave this some thought, and had the idea of a "Sparlock Award" to recognize singular members of the XJW community.

    Some potential recipients (that I would nominate); Barb Anderson, Steve Unthank, Candace Conti, Dogpatch, and posthumously, Ray Franz and Oompa.

    Just my opinion.

    RayPublisher - "I believe under public pressure or possibly even under threat of law the WT will change their damaging policy."

    I would have maybe thought that 5 or 10 years ago, but these days, the rhetoric gives too much of an impression that they're doubling down on the zero-tolerance approach for breaking WT rules, rather than easing up.

    I really think they want to significantly reduce the overall number of rank-and-filers to maybe 1 or 2 million hard-core followers, but they want to manage it in such a way that it doesn't look like they're orchestrating it.

    Don't forget that virtually all indications point to the conclusion that the GB themselves are full-on True Believers; digging in their heels against the "worldy" winds of change is just the sort of thing people like that do.

  • StAnn

    I've been on a self-imposed ban of JWD because it adds to my depression when I get too bogged down in JW crap. I just returned this week. I just saw this post and found out today that OOMPA is gone. He used to call me at night and we'd talk. He was truly bigger than life. I am so, so sorry he is gone. The problem with being out of the WTS is that you're not prepared to cope with real life. You lose your crutch and the WTS has taught you that your only coping mechanism is studying and meeting attendance. It's so hard to "parent" yourself after you leave the WTS. It takes a long time, I find, to become mentally healthy after leaving. I'm just devastated that OOMPA never found healthy ways to cope. RIP, my friend, I love you.

  • Dagney

    I personally do not see the WT changing their stance on extreme shunning. I wish I had more hope. The best that we all can do is make sure everybody within shouting distance realizes that they do it and the effects of it. There are TV shows/series about shunning in different religions and it hasn't changed their stance one bit.

    I also think that those with a brain and a heart will change when they finally understand the cruelty and futility of the practice, and take a stand for their loved ones. Some though just don't have it in their hearts to be that kind of person, and will continue in their hate till their dying breath. So very sad.

    I think individuals will make a difference. All Oompa wanted was to lead an authentic life and have his family. Sad how JW's think that's a bad thing.

  • wallsofjericho

    I saw a post from Oompa the other day,, no mistaking his avatar. In my mind that is what oompa actually looks like!

    I miss you my old freind

  • BluePill2

    Oompa lives on. I am out for 3 years now and it is strange, but certain days a big wave of negativity and suicidal thoughts comes crushing down on me. I lost, like many of you, all my family and close friends. I was even happy about the shunning, because my mother stopped bugging me with all the crap about coming back. But, honestly there are days where I completely loose it....THAT is when I think about our dear Oompa. I think if that is how I want to end, and I kick into another gear and start doing something positive and fighting back.

    I found this point very, very helpful:

    Also this:

    What I most like about the last website is the core thought that if you resist some thoughts (fear, anxiety) they persist! If you fight against certain thoughts/feeling you are basically "fueling" the process and they come back stronger. We feed into the negative cycle and make it worse. Just ALLOW them and observe the thoughts, like objects. Try to observe your thoughts and suddenly your minds "chatter" becomes silent. Very interesting.

    I salute you dear friend:

  • LisaRose

    I have run onto comments of his now and again, and it always hurts a little, but then I am happy, because his comments live on, even though he is gone. We should do something on the anniversary of his death, maybe a protest, Facebook or something like that. People should know the toxic effects of the shunning policy. Someone could write something abut him and his life and how this religion crushed him.

  • NewYork44M

    Thank you for re activiating this post. I communicated periodically with Oompa as late as within a few weeks of this sad event. May he rest in peace.

    Our goal is to continue the memory of our friend.

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Oompa was new to me.

    I think in memory of all Oompa and others on this site who have been driven to suicide....Oompas contribution on this site may i saved lifes..i think he spoke from the heart...i think Oompa loved this site...and Oompas posts have made sure i wont ever go back. Thank you Oompa your words are read even if you have left us....YOUR words were what i read heartfelt...long may your posts be read.

    HOW AbOUT A BEST OF Oompas posts on the best of section?

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Sorry to bump this post but Oompas past posts made an impression with me, some made me laugh and some made me bleed. I read another past poster that also commited suiside and i wish i could remember his name, it was like reading Oompas posts.

    When i left the watchtower i was angry, but reading of the suffering and misery it causes,i am glad i left, because i realize its not me thats wrong....I never realized how evil the W.T is and how pathetic ...blah blah blah..but Oompas terrible suffering and his bipola was not understood by members being a part of a controlling organization.

    I wish it was possible for every one to leave and find a happy ending...but for many leaving does not mean as in the story of Job that they find a new family and greater children...for many that leave its terrible.

    I wanted to walk away and not care, just leave and start again. But this site has shown me i was wrong that i have a responsibilty to always see those friends that shun me as still my friends.

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