SAD news about OOMPA......

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  • NewYork44M

    Thanks for remembering our friend. This was so sad.

  • cantleave

    Eric is still greatly missed

  • Magnum

    OMG, I didn't know he was gone. I was very familiar with his avatar due to my lurking days and looking back at older threads. I've literally got a sick feeling in my stomach now. That is really sad.

    How could loving supernatural beings just sit back and watch people get so dejected/sad/depressed/miserable/unhappy that they want to cease to exist?

  • Etude
    I was looking through my old posts (I haven't been around for a while) and found this thread. It still saddens me very much about Eric. Though he's gone, he still lives here. I wonder how many others I've met here have passed?
  • Thursday

    RIP oompa, I started lurking on this forum 6 years ago, joined 4 years ago but haven't been on in the last 2/3 ish.

    He is missed.

  • steve2

    I did not know Oompa had died and am shocked I missed the thread from more than 3 years ago.

    I feel terribly sad and upset. I just wished Oompa had been able to find his way through his pain and struggles.

    Rest in peace lovely man.

  • truthsetsonefree



  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I was a lurker and remember his posts and this one, but I didn't create an account till later on. It brought back memories of another JW in my congregation that hung her herself at the young age of 30. That was nearly 15 years ago. Though she didn't realize it, the religion was a great source of her depression. I wonder how many active JWs and DF JWs have died on account of this religion.

    RIP OOMPA and all the victims of the Watchtower

  • Phizzy

    Eric was a lovely guy, and totally genuine in his love for others, especially his family. He was treated so very badly, and is another victim of the JW religion's disgusting, inhumane way of controlling its members.

    He was totally sincere in the early days of his waking up in wishing to get satisfactory answers from the WT/JW Headquarters to his concerns about Bible Translation.

    Again, they treated him like shit, and proved that he was a Saint, and they were SHITS.

    R.I.P my friend, I never met you face to face, but love you still, and weep for the way you were evilly treated.

  • startingover
    I have several friends and acquaitances who are no longer among the living whose FB pages are still up. Eric's is too, and it's a nice rememberance to look back on his timeline. He was an interesting guy, it's sad it ended that way it did.

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