Billions of dead, possibly killed by divine radiation, all of whom will need to be buried... Gerrit Losch predicts the future!

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  • cedars

    Healthworker - I'm glad you like the video!

    This adds valuable new light to his famous "higher education is shooting yourself in the head with a gun" - speach, here in Norway 2012!

    I actually have him saying that exact same thing in another talk recording. Guess what my next Losch-video is going to be?!!

    I think he repeats the same stuff over and over. I have three recordings of him giving essentially the same talk in three different locations in different years.


  • oldlightnewshite

    Regarding the billions of corpses, it's clearly obvious what will happen. Just like Jehovah turned the lions and tigers into flesh eaters after the flood, so too he will make all the millions of dairy cows meat eaters after Armageddon, for a short amount of time. After they've picked the bones clean, he'll turn them back veggie again.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    gerrit lösch visited my congregation a few times when i was little, he just got appointed to the GB back then. everyone was in awe... talk about worshipping humans.

  • Bella15

    JWs don't understand that GOD doesn't have to destroy everything in order to make things new.

  • blondie

    *** w60 4/1 pp.218-219 pars.22-25 Part35—"Your Will Be Done on Earth"***

    22 Not to be dismissed from consideration as "fearful sights" and "great signs" from heaven are new things that modern science is discovering and bringing to the people’s attention, to their own and the people’s mental agitation and rising fears. The so-called cosmic rays are more and more commanding scientific study. Only as far back as 1911 scientific experiments on the absorbing of penetrating gamma rays from radium in the air led a Dr. V. F. Hess to suspect that not all the ionization in air was due to this alone. Experiments later with balloons developed the right conclusion, that there was some extremely powerful radiation coming from above; there were cosmic rays. With the speed of light the cosmic rays are carried along through earth’s atmosphere and finally hit the earth with still enough energy to penetrate and be measurable to a depth of two hundred feet underground. Cosmic rays reach an energy of many billions of electron volts. The sun of our solar system plays its part in these cosmic rays.

    23 It has been observed that there has been an intensifying of cosmic ray showers during what appear to be patches of something on the face of the sun. What? Patches of darkness, to us. Sunspots, we call them. They are in actuality great flares of energy on the surface of the sun. In December, 1957, during the International Geophysical Year, it was reported that "in recent months" the sun had co-operated with the scientific studies being made. How? By "displaying what is regarded here as the greatest number of flares in its recorded history. . . . In recent months the sun has been at the peak of its eleven-year sunspot cycle. This has produced an unusual number of flares. These are thought to spray out particles, which strike the earth’s atmosphere a day or two later and cause magnetic storms and other phenomena." The sunspot activity was reported as having "disrupted radio and television waves." Studies have shown that, accompanying a solar flare, there is a sudden increase of cosmic radiation and radio fade-outs. About a day after the appearance of the flare a magnetic storm is felt all over the world. During the period of greatest cosmic ray intensity some areas of the earth are almost completely blacked out with respect to radio communication. Lead-encased cables for communication and for transmitting power have also been burned completely through, and unexposed X-ray film has been rendered useless.

    24 What is the source of these cosmic rays? Not the stars. It has been scientifically established that the total energy carried by all cosmic ray particles is much more than all the energy ever emitted by stars. Cosmic rays seem to come from all directions with such great energies that scientists have not arrived at any satisfying explanation of their origin. Those of highest energy evidently come from beyond our Milky Way.

    25 Studies have been made of the effect of cosmic rays on living cells in animal bodies, particularly with respect to disorders of the mind. What effect do they have or will they have on the way men behave here on earth? Certainly the Creator of cosmic rays, Jehovah God, could use these to affect the minds of his enemies, including the king of the north and the king of the south, and could drive them to mutual slaughter: "every man’s sword shall be against his brother." (Ezek. 38:21, AS) In this prophecy God warns that he will also use other natural forces that are at his disposal, possibly a rain of antimatter that has the property of annihilating any material thing that it meets. He warns all scoffers that he will do an ‘unusual work.’—Isa. 28:21.
  • designs

    Is glowing in the dark from Divine Radiation better than Soylent Green.

  • blondie
    *** kj 377 20 Land of Magog No More to Threaten Mankind *** The unburied dead, those slain by Jehovah, will be so enormously many that even the carrion birds and scavenging wild beasts could never take care of their consumption. The burial of even what remains after these lower creatures have their fill would be stupendous. Doubtless the Almighty God will use some highly scientific means, whether including antimatter or not, to dispose of the surplus of decaying bodies in a speedy and sanitary way. This remains for the survivors of the war of the great day to see and witness.
  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    I'll have a go at it Cedars

    Billions & Billions of Corpses

    Farther than the eye can see

    Each one irradiated

    Filling us all with glee.

    Billions & billions of corpses

    Oh man they really reek

    Wish I'd died at the Big A

    My arms are getting weak.

    Billions & billions of corpses

    Oh God where are those birds

    Who were supposed to eat them

    Damn those lying GB turds.

    Billions & billions of corpses

    We shovel night and day

    I'm feeling jealous of all those

    Who died at the Big A.

    Billions & billions of corpses

    So many left to go

    Wish I could find some deisel

    To run this old backhoe.

    Billions & billions of corpses

    Paradise really sucks

    Where's the lions for me to pet

    I hate those GB f**ks. Leslie

  • perfect1

    LOL nuthouse. God that melody comes right back to me.


    Blondie, your scholarship blows my mind. Is there a year for that last one. I remember that.

  • Healthworker


    My wife are going to therapy these days, after learning TTATT (directly caused by Gerrit's crazy talk in Norway 2012).

    Guess what? The psychiatrist actually treats other jw who stopped going to meetings after his famous speach here in Norway. She said that one guy just made the decision that enough was enough. Their whole family are inside, so they went underground... This nuthead will be your perfect next victim. You should send a link to Brooklyn and say hi from us over here. He (Gerrit) will eventually need some medication, at least if he ever sees some of his own talks directed by you

    Love from your brother, Healthworker

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