Moshe received proof of a spiritual afterlife in 1999

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  • TheOldHippie

    And then the inevitable questions - why so many have similar dreams but nothing happens, and why people are in life-threatening situations or die and close friends and relatives have no warnings like these told here but are so brutally surprised or taken completely off guard when told about has happened?

    I don't doubt the story, and I am open to all possibilities - but it is this damned problem of what is pure coincidence and what is not. Someone claims he was protected and another one died. Someone says it was not his time but another one clearly met his time.

    Always enough clues are given for the believers to continue believing, but never enough proof for the sceptics to start believing. Some hints but not more, some clues but not the whole picture - distressing indeed.

  • Jeffro

    It's called a coincidence.

    And what TheOldHippie said.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    That really is the problem with this type of thing isn't it TheOldHippie? It isn't consitent. And it isn't measurable.

    Most often these types of 'events' are random and as you rightly ask. Why doesn't everyone get these warnings? And why don't we get them more often. Why are some people shocked because they had no inkling of things that were about to occur? Why have I been shocked about some things? What happened to my helper then? Do they only help when they feel like it?

    Some people will have you believe that they are 'more tuned in'. But if that is the case, why did it happen to me...when I wasn't tuning in. And why did it stop? Are spirits selective about what they will contact you about and when? Do they make this decision, or do we have control over it?

    And the thing that kinda grosses me out about the whole spirit thing. If they can tap into us whenever they want, or watch many are watching us when we really don't want anyone to be watching...

    This type of thing really opens up more questions than answers for me. And the number of theories out there to explain it are many. Take your pick which one you prefer.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Coincidentally, the Dr. Oz program on the FOX network in the afternoons, broadcast an episode yesterday which prolied a woman ("Teresa") who claims to communicate with the departed..... several impressive examples...... still....

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    The odd thing about psychics supposedly talking to the dead is that they seem to do the same thing. They ask for a name...and they get a first initial...but then they get whole messages explaining why not a whole name? Why are names so elusive? Why can't they tell you first name and surname and your name. Why do they have to ask if it means something to someone if there is an audience. But then give them a message. Are spirits playing games kinda like hangman or something? Is there an a? how about a b?

    Some things are really odd though...check out this program that screened in NZ. The guy hosting the show is a clinical psychologist and a sceptic.

  • still thinking
  • OnTheWayOut

    I won't dig up thread quotes where Moshe likes to be blunt and straightforward with others, telling his opinions like they are facts, but they are out there. That can be a good quality occasionally, so I will do the same.

    It's called a coincidence.

    No matter how "sure" you are that the spirit world was telling you that dear old Dad was dying at the moment and the only way to save him was for you to plead for him in your dreams, it was just a coincidence.

    Without further details, I will assume that you knew of some health concerns about your dad and were already worried about it. You may have had similar dreams on preceeding nights, but you forgot them because they weren't abruptly ended by the coincidental phone call. Even if this heart attack was totally out of the blue for you, it's still a coincidence.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    There’s so much about the universe we exist in that we don’t know. Moreover, to think it possible for us biological life-forms to be able to fully understand the universe we live in is a completely unfounded proposition.

    It’s easy to write off an incident as coincidence when the reality is we don’t know one way or another for sure.

    So many times discussions like this turn into what amounts to two fleas arguing over which owns the dog. Why do we let ourselves do it?

    Modern medicine is rooted in the ancients who encountered incidents leading them to believe this or that. Fortunately for us these ancient medicine men accepted their encounters and passed them along for sake of future generations whose knowledge grew to learn for sure that quite a few of these incidents were not coincidence at all, but rather logical outcomes based on previously unknown biological factors.

    Take a lesson from the ancients. Don’t be too quick to label an incident as coincidence. Conversely, don’t be too adamant that an incident is something more than a coincidence. Pass the knowledge along for future generations to make of it whatever they can.

    Moshe, thanks for sharing your personal experience.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • simon17

    sounds like a JW mantra is still imbedded in your brain--

    So you think that the current life is better? That we are healthier HERE than in the afterlife? That there is less pain here than in the afterlife?

    Life is wonderful because I believe it is all we have. If I believed in a perfect painless beautiful afterlife with God and all my loved ones, I would not be so reluctant to see myself get there. And I especially would not feel at all reluctant to see my dad, old and alone, get there, most likely as soon as possible!

  • moshe
    I will assume that you knew of some health concerns about your dad

    My dad was doing fine- living independently, driving, going places, meeting friends at the mall for lunch- if he had heart problems, he kept them from me. I drove 2 hrs to see my father at least once a month. He was a retired farmer.

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